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ApprenticeshipIdaho focuses on the use of registered apprenticeship as a means to help employers develop a skilled workforce and ensure that Idahoans obtain good jobs, leading to long-term careers and self-sufficiency. Apprenticeship offers a flexible training solution aligned with national industry standards combined with employer specific competencies. Employers get the benefit of a well-skilled, well-rounded worker ready for a professional career. The apprenticeship model offers a solution to Idaho’s workforce gap which is expected to grow to 63,000 by 2025 for workers ages 16-64. The apprenticeship model can be customized to meet employer specific needs, allowing for the design of a program that works for a specific position and facility. The apprentice educated/trained employee is productive from day one and more likely to stay on the job. Studies show the average retention for apprentices completing programs is 91%. The program not only allows for new workers to be trained but for existing staff to receive upgraded skills. As employees retire, are promoted or reassigned, employers utilizing the apprenticeship model will be creating career paths for the next generation of skilled workers.
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Developing a Registered Apprencticeship Program
AHA News - Nov 2, 2015 - Apprenticeship works in hospitals
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