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Idaho's hospital volunteers make significant and lasting marks on our community hospitals. Hospital volunteerism is a historic tradition, which, over the years, has resulted in millions of dollars raised for equipment and facilities and infinite hours spent supporting the hospitals' mission of care and compassion. Every community hospital in Idaho owes its existence to the dedication and commitment of volunteers who saw a need and worked diligently to make sure their community had a hospital to provide care 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Today, hospital volunteers remain an integral part of day to day hospital operations around Idaho.

While you find today's volunteers at hospital community events, running gift shops, and delivering flowers, it might surprise you to learn that they provide family support to those waiting for a loved one in surgery, provide the means for high quality equipment, assist staff in the emergency department, and spend time visiting patients. They are also the unpaid heroes of innovative programs like music therapy, multi-day holiday festivals, and gourmet food and wine events. Volunteers are part of the hospital team and are as dedicated to a hospital's success as the nurses, physicians, staff, and management. That dedication is shown everyday with their generous gifts of time and talent.

IHA is pleased to be able to play a small part in supporting our hospital volunteers through resource sharing and educational opportunities.

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