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Group Unemployment Compensation Program (GUCP)

The GUCP is a service established in 1972 by the Idaho Hospital Association to help participating members manage their unemployment insurance liability and related costs. The program is managed by IHA staff; policy and oversight is provided by the Idaho Hospital Association Board of Directors and participating hospitals. Participation is contingent upon approval by the Idaho Hospital Association Board of Directors. Major policy changes affecting participants must be approved by the IHA Board of Directors and a simple majority of those participants.

GUCP staff helps minimize unemployment costs through the following services:


Proactive training to supervisors and managers on hiring, evaluating, disciplining, documenting, discharging and other activities that may eventually impact unemployment costs or turnover;


Complete claims management, including:


Developing effective written responses to unemployment claims;


Recognizing and protesting unjustified eligibility determinations;


Preparing hospital witnesses for unemployment hearings;


Providing representation at unemployment hearings; and


Monitoring and tracking claims, and providing periodic reports to members.


Assistance with the development of effective management policies and procedures, as well as review of current policies, personnel handbooks, application forms and other unemployment-related documents to minimize unemployment liability; and


Review of benefit charges

GUCP can also assist members with a variety of employment law issues that arise before or after separation of employment, such as questions about the Americans with Disabilities Act, Fair Labor Standards Act (mimimum wage, overtime), Family and Medical Leave Act, The Civil Rights Act (Title VII), EEO issues and more. Staff cannot provide legal advice, however, and will refer certain issues to legal counsel when necessary.

For more information regarding any of the GUCP services, contact Shawnie Christensen, director of human resources, at schristensen@teamiha.org or 208.489.1407.

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