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Cancer Registry

The Idaho Hospital Association (IHA) contracts with the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare, Division of Health, to provide a statewide cancer surveillance system. The Cancer Data Registry of Idaho (CDRI) is a population based cancer registry that collects incidence and survival data on all cancer patients who reside in the state of Idaho or who are diagnosed and/or treated for cancer in the state of Idaho. Population-based cancer registries are essential for assessing the extent of cancer burden in a specific geographic area. CDRI was established in 1969 and became population-based in 1971. The Idaho State Legislature has provided guidelines for the establishment, requirements, and funding of the statewide cancer registry. The operations of the registry are mandated by Idaho Code 57-1703 through 57-1707.

Cancer registry data can be used to determine the incidence of cancer in the State of Idaho; monitor trends and patterns of incidence, survival, and early detection over time; identify high risk populations; serve as a resource for conducting epidemiologic studies; and, provide data to assist public health officials, hospital administrators, and physicians to effectively plan services and prioritize health resource allocations. For more information and/or assistance on Idaho laws pertaining to cancer reporting, or to access Idaho cancer data please visit the Cancer Data Registry of Idaho

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