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  For additional information on any of the educational offerings listed below, please contact IHA's Director of Education, Toni Pugmire, at (208) 489-1409 or tpugmire@teamiha.org. If you are interested in a program in which the registration deadline has passed, please call for availability.  
Aug 05, 2014 CMS Nursing Standards 2014 Update: Ensuring Compliance with the Many Changes (Webinar)
Aug 05, 2014 Patient Service Navigator: Improving Quality, Services, and Reducing Costs Under the Affordable Care Act
Aug 07, 2014 Creating Service Excellence: Generate Enthusiasm to Improve Patient Relations (Webinar)
Aug 07, 2014 Hospital Profitability in an Era of Health Reform (Webinar)
Aug 12, 2014 Highest & Best Use Planning of a Major Post-Acute Facility in Uncertain Times (Webinar)
Aug 13, 2014 Revenue Cycle in the World of Commoditized Health Care (Webinar)
Aug 14, 2014 Four Steps, Millions in Savings: An Award Winning Enterprise Labor Management Strategy (Webinar)
Aug 26, 2014 CEO Retirement-A Best Practices Guide From Initial Board Discussions to New CEO On-Boarding (Webinar)
Aug 27, 2014 Deciphering the Rubik's Cube: Developing a System-Wide Approach to Service Line Planning (Webinar)
Sep 04, 2014 The ROI of Empowered Patients: Leveraging Technology to Boost Patient Satisfaction Scores and Other Quality Measures (Webinar)
Sep 10, 2014 Creating Personal Health Experiences That Increase Loyalty (Webinar)
Sep 11, 2014 National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs): A Joint Commission Update 2014 (Webinar)
Sep 11, 2014 Patient Safety Initiative (PSI) (Webinar)
Sep 16, 2014 Discharge Planning and Utilization Review (UR) Standards: CMS 2014 Update (Webinar)
Sep 24, 2014 Six Crucial Behaviors for Patient-Facing Employees (Webinar)
Sep 25, 2014 Dietary and Food Services: Complying with CMS CoPs and The Joint Commission (Webinar)
Sep 30, 2014 Collaboration Between the Board of Trustees, Medical Leadership and Quality Committee to Improve Patient Outcomes (Webinar)
Sep 30, 2014 The Normalization of Deviance: Implications for Patient Safety Ethical Considerations (Webinar)
Oct 02, 2014 Provision of Care, Treatment and Services: Challenging JCAHO Standards (Webinar)
Oct 30, 2014 Reward and Recognition on a Limited Budget: Surface vs. Substance (Webinar)
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