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  For additional information on any of the educational offerings listed below, please contact IHA's Director of Education, Toni Pugmire, at (208) 489-1409 or tpugmire@teamiha.org. If you are interested in a program in which the registration deadline has passed, please call for availability.  
Jul 07, 2016 Telehealth Program Strategies and Business Plans Revealed (Webinar)
Jul 07, 2016 Documenting Provider Compentency (Webinar)
Jul 12, 2016 Comparison of Joint Commission and Det Norsek Vieritas Healthcare's NIAHO Accreditation Standards for Medical Staff (Webinar)
Jul 13, 2016 Conducting Inpatient and Outpatient Audits (Webinar)
Jul 14, 2016 CAHs: EMTALA & ED Compliance (Webinar)
Jul 14, 2016 Building a Community Care Network for High Needs Patients (Webinar)
Jul 15, 2016 CMS & Joint Commission Standing Orders (Webinar)
Jul 19, 2016 Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act (MACRA): Successful Implementation Strategies to Maximize Reimbursement (Webinar)
Jul 19, 2016 Restraints - CMS & JC: The Similarities and Differences (Webinar)
Jul 19, 2016 Chronic Care Management (CCM): CMS Guidelines, Regulations and Codes (Webinar)
Jul 20, 2016 Developing a Collaborative Workplace: Changing the Way we Work (Webinar)
Jul 21, 2016 Best Practices in Succession Planning - From Board Members to Senior Leadership (Webinar)
Jul 21, 2016 How Hospitals, Physician Practices, Nursing Facilities, Hospice and Palliative Care Programs can Help Each Other Succeed in the age of MACRA (Webinar)
Jul 22, 2016 Discharge Planning Standards and Worksheet (Webinar)
Aug 02, 2016 Getting Ready: Operational Efficiency and Its Impact on Reimbursement (Webinar)
Aug 05, 2016 ED Patient Safety Issues (Webinar)
Aug 09, 2016 Strategic Planning for Health Care Boards: The Value of Peer Organization Networks (Webinar)
Aug 10, 2016 Chargemaster and the Coding Interface (Webinar)
Aug 11, 2016 CAHs: Provider-Based Compilance & Physician Supervision (Webinar)
Aug 16, 2016 Record of Care - Challenging Standards (Webinar)
Aug 17, 2016 Patient Falls (Webinar)
Aug 18, 2016 Understanding CMS Credentialing & Privileging Requirements for Hospitals, CAHs & Medicare Advantage Organizations (Webinar)
Aug 23, 2016 Accelerating Changes: Staying Ahead of the Curve (Webinar)
Aug 24, 2016 Making Change Work for You (Webinar)
Aug 26, 2016 ED Risk Management & Legal Issues (Webinar)
Sep 07, 2016 Disruption to Consensus: Facilitating Effective Board Decision Making (Webinar)
Sep 08, 2016 Joint Commission Standards for Hospital Medical Staff - Part I: Credentialing, Re-Credentialing, Appointment and Privileging (Webinar)
Sep 09, 2016 CMS Anesthesia Standards (Webinar)
Sep 13, 2016 Managing Multiplying Priorities - Gain Control of your Work Demands and Time (Webinar)
Sep 13, 2016 Patient Safety and the National Patient Safety Goals (Webinar)
Sep 14, 2016 Chargemaster for Radiology and Interventional Radiology (Webinar)
Sep 15, 2016 Inpatient vs. Outpatient and the 2-Midnights Rule (Webinar)
Sep 16, 2016 Reducing Readmissions (Webinar)
Sep 20, 2016 CMS Grievances & Complaints (Webinar)
Sep 21, 2016 SOS: Strategies of Success for the Department Heads (Webinar)
Sep 27, 2016 Creating Service Excellence (Webinar)
Sep 27, 2016 Provision of Care: Treatment and Services (Webinar)
Sep 29, 2016 Joint Commission Standards for Hospital Medical Staff - Part II: Oversight of Patient Care Functions, Performance Improvement, FPPE, OPPE and Bylaws (Webinar)
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