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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    Legislators hopeful that '17 session will address healthcare gap  
        Spokesman Review Online - 7/22/16  
    This time, panel's talk must turn into policy  
        Idaho Statesman (7/21/16) - Boise  
    Idaho revamps state boards  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (7/18/16)  
    Health districts want gap coverage  
        Post Register (7/16/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Can Uber-style rides work for Medicaid patients?  
        Idaho Statesman (7/14/16) - Boise  
    Contract for TF state-funded mental health crisis center awarded to board chairman's clinic  
        Times News (7/14/16) - Twin Falls  
    Jury awards Twin Falls couple $3.85 million in St. Luke's lawsuit  
        Times News (7/13/16) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Meridian ends in-patient pediatric care  
        Idaho Statesman (7/13/16) - Boise  
    Lost River Medical Center passes emergency survey to obtain trauma rating  
        Idaho State Journal (7/13/16) - Pocatello  
    Report on children dying due to religious objections  
        Spokesman Review Online (7/12/16)  
    8 myths about covering the uninsured in Idaho  
        Idaho Statesman (7/9/16) - Boise  
    Dean says new med school will help Idaho  
        Idaho State Journal (7/8/16) - Pocatello  
    St. Luke's to install MRI scanner, build a building for it  
        McCall Star News (7/7/16) - McCall  
    U of U, Lost Rivers team up to improve care  
        Post Register (7/6/16) - Idaho Falls  
    New company takes over Idaho Medicaid rides  
        Times News (7/4/16) - Twin Falls  
    Experts Panel says Education, Healthcare, Citizen Engagement Idaho's challenges  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (74/16)  
    Catholic Health Initiatives to divest health plan operations  
        Modern Healthcare (6/30/16)  
    What will St. Luke's Downtown Boise growth look like?  
        Idaho Statesman (6/30/16) - Boise  
    Medical growth in Fruitland spurs new development  
        Idaho Business Review (6/30/16) - Boise  
    Governor-in-waiting Little commits to '18 run  
        Idaho Statesman (6/29/16) - Boise  
    Teleclinics bridge gap between rural areas, specialists  
        Idaho Statesman (6/27/16) - Boise  
    For-profit med schools spring up across country  
        Idaho Statesman (6/23/16) - Boise  
    St. Luke's gets new surgery robot  
        Idaho Mountain Express (6/22/16) - Ketchum  
    Idaho's first crisis center successful; more on horizon  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/21/16) - Lewistion  
    Panel to review Medicaid gap, school funding  
        Idaho Statesman (6/20/16) - Boise  
    A word with Odette Bolano, president of Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center  
        Idaho Business Review (6/20/16) - Boise  
    Who will run Twin Falls' Crisis Center?  
        Times News (6/19/16) - Twin Falls  
    Legislative leaders optimistic new panel can help state close coverage gap  
        Spokesman Review Blog (6/17/16) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's Magic Valley awards grants to 30 orgainzations  
        Times News (6/17/16) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho Dental Contract Contested  
        Spokesman Review (6/16/16 - Spokane  
    Teleclinics for Doctors Help Idaho Patients  
        Post Register (6/15/16) - Idaho Falls  
    AMA Asks for End to Ban on Gun Research Funding  
        Modern Healthcare (6/15/16)  
    More Hospitals Screen Aging Surgeons to Make Sure Their Skills Are Still Sharp  
        Modern Healthcare (6/13/16)  
    Cascadia Rising - the Aftermath  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/12/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Bingham Hospital Unveils da Vinci System  
        Idaho State Journal (6/10/16) - Pocatello  
    Cancer Cluster Bill Pushed by Idaho Survivor Likely to Become Law  
        Times News (6/9/16) - Twin Falls  
    Why Are Idaho's Immunization Numbers Trending Upwards?  
        Idaho Education News (6/9/16) - Boise  
    Hospital Hit By Ransomware  
        Gazette Record (6/4/16) - St. Maries  
    Health Insurance Mega-Deals Aren't Winning Over a Key Party: Large Employers  
        Modern Healthcare - June 2, 2016  
    A Healthier Boise: Central Bench Anticipates New Health Center  
        Boise Weekly (6/1/16) - Boise  
    Madison Memorial Installs New System  
        Standard Journal (6/1/16) - Rexburg  
    A Word with Robert Hasty of ICOM, Idaho's Proposed Medical School  
        Idaho Business Review (5/31/16) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Hires New Orthopedic Surgeon  
        Idaho Mountain Express (5/27/16 - Ketchum  
    Saint Alphonsus is Closing Its Last Express Care Clinic  
        Idaho Business Review (5/26/16) - Boise  
    Who Will Staff All These New Medical Centers?  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/26/16) - Nampa  
    Two House GOP Members Announce Their Alternative to Obamacare  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/25/16) - Lewiston  
    State Weighs in on Insurance Paid by Charity  
        Idaho Statesman (5/20/16) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus to Build New ER in Nampa  
        Idaho Statesman 5/20/16) - Boise  
    Radiologist Tops Pay Scale at SJRMC  
        Lewiston Tribune - (5/19/16) - Lewiston  
    Saint Alphonsus to Build New Nampa Emergency Plaza  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/19/16) - Nampa  
    Scourge of Prescription Drug Abuse Requires Coordinated Solutions  
        Idaho Statesman (5/14/16) - Boise  
    He's Minding the Vitals  
        Lewistion Tribune (5/14/16) - Lewiston  
    St. Luke's Aims to Recruit Nurses with New Program  
        Times News (5/13/16) - Twin Falls  
    Saint Alphonsus and St. Luke's Make a Mark in Canyon County  
        Idaho Business Review (5/11/16) - Boise  
    Who's Paying Your Doctor?  
        Post Register (5/8/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Legislative Work Group Must Find 'Gap' Solution  
        Idaho Statesman (5/5/16) - Boise  
    Ex-Inmates to See Little Benefit from Medicaid Change  
        Idaho Statesman (5/5/16) - Boise  
    Feds Giving $1 Million to Family Health Services for New Rupert Clinic  
        Times News (5/5/16) - Twin Falls  
    Dr. John Stakow Returns to St. Maries  
        Gazette Record (5/5/16) - St. Maries  
    A Word with Mark Roberts, Medical Director for Research at St. Luke's  
        Idaho Business Review (5/2/16) - Boise  
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