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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    Trump's health care non-deal  
        Spokesman Review (3/26/17) - Spokane  
    No repeal for 'Obamacare'  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/25/17) - Lewiston  
    Simpson, amid disarray: 'I don't see us coming back to the health care issue'  
        Idaho Statesman (3/25/17) - Boise  
    Terry Reilly founded on mission of providing care to everyone, regardless of ability to pay  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/24/17) - Nampa  
    CMV law a win for local family  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (3/22/17) - Sandpoint  
    Wasden announces opinion on proposed sale of Lewiston nonprofit hospital  
        Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden (3/27/17)  
    GOP governors push alternative to Medicare plan  
        Idaho Statesman (3/19/17) - Boise  
    GOP health law could affect enrollment  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/18/17) - Lewiston  
    Fewer Idahoans would get less help from exchange with GOP health law  
        Idaho Statesman (3/18/17) - Boise  
    Idaho's winners and losers under GOP health care bill  
        Idaho Statesman (3/17/17) - Boise  
    Bingham Memorial Hospital announces new CEO  
        Bingham Memorial Hospital (3/17/17) - Blackfoot  
    GOP Medicare plan: The Hidden details  
        Spokesman Review (3/16/17) - Spokane  
    Faith-healing proposals introduced in Senate  
        Idaho Statesman (3/16/17) - Boise  
    University of Washington medical school again ranked first by U.S.News  
        Spokesman Review (3/15/17) - Spokane  
    Idaho agency to face scrutiny this summer  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/15/17) - Lewiston  
    Take the time to get it right  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (3/15/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Leaders push on with health care bill  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/15/17) - Lewiston  
    Republicans surface new plan to expand primary care, cut costs  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    First she was a pediatrician. Then she ran a hospital. Now she does both  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    Teens, kids a top priority for local hospitals in 2017  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    Volunteers' compassion helps grieving parents through infant death  
        Times News (3/12/17) - Twin Falls  
    New doctors will be allowed to work 24-hour shifts  
        Spokesman Review (3/11/17) - Spokane  
    Advocates urge legislators to act on Medicaid gap  
        Idaho Statesman (3/10/17) - Boise  
    Abortion foes hope repealing law now will let them ban later  
        Times News (3/9/17) - Twin Falls  
    Medicaid gap patch advances  
        Post Register (3/9/17) - Idaho Falls  
    New blood test may tell if and where you have cancer  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    What Republicans' health care plan may mean for you  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    Health industry players criticize GOP plan  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    Bill would shed light on virus that can cause birth defects  
        Idaho Statesman (3/7/17) - Boise  
    Retiring Health and Welfare director led vital change at critical department  
        Idaho Statesman (3/6/17) - Boise  
    Wellness clinic to open in Shoshone  
        Idaho Mountain Express (3/3/17) - Ketchum  
    Cascade hospital CEO to leave, cites family reasons  
        The Star News (3/2/17) - McCall  
    Dumke Foundation makes $500,000 gift to St. Luke's McCall expansion  
        The Star News (3/2/17) - McCall  
    NICU facility coming to West Valley Medical Center  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/2/17) - Nampa  
    Hand, foot and mouth disease appears in area  
        Idaho Mountain Express (3/1/17) - Ketchum  
    Elections Chief: Boise developer Ahlquist will run for governor  
        Idaho Statesman (2/28/17) - Boise  
    A warning label for ACA repeal push  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/27/17) - Lewiston  
    Lethal flu season hits Idaho hard  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (2/25/17) - Sandpoint  
    New medical school at Washington State University gains accreditation  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/24/17) - Lewiston  
    Health and Welfare proposes new vaccine opt-out form  
        Times News (2/24/17) - Twin Falls  
    Saint Alphonsus assumes full ownership of Treasure Valley Laboratory  
        Saint Alphonsus (2/24/17)  
    Guest Opinion: Transition from Obamacare to Trumpcare presents challenges  
        Idaho Statesman (2/21/17) - Boise  
    Guest Opinion: Tipping point for Medicaid expansion  
        Post Register (2/20/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho legislators wrestle with faith-healing laws  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/19/17) - Lewiston  
    Senate leaders ask for two options as they look for bills to address faith-healing exemptions  
        Idaho Statesman (2/18/17) - Boise  
    Idaho bill to expand visa waiver program advances  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/17/17) - Lewiston  
    Close for Comfort: Kootenai Health's Cuddle program supports babies in neonatal intensive care units  
        Spokesman Review (2/15/17) - Spokane  
    Idaho lawmakers introduce $10 million health-gap bill  
        Spokesman Review (2/14/17) - Spokane  
    Spokane sees boom in medical education  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/13/17) - Lewiston  
    'Magic' magnet strengthens spine to change lives  
        Idaho Statesman (2/111/17) - Boise  
    Obamacare demand sets record in Idaho  
        Idaho Statesman (2/11/17) - Boise  
    Changes to faith healing law possible  
        Times News (2/10/17) - Twin Falls  
    Bill would extend primary care coverage to uninsured  
        Times News (2/10/17) - Twin Falls  
    Otter: Plan should address uninsured  
        Idaho Statesman (2/8/17) - Boise  
    Sign language licensing bill advances  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/7/17) - Lewiston  
    Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine to break ground in April  
        Idaho Business Review (2/7/17) - Boise  
    Obamacare repeal could slash funds for public health  
        Idaho Statesman (2/7/17) - Boise  
    Getting there is half the problem  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/6/17) - Lewiston  
    Debate about health budgets leaves coverage gap for later  
        Spokesman Review (2/5/17) - Spokane  
    Children wouldn't be only ones to benefit from expansion  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/3/17) - Lewiston  
    Mental health lawsuit could be win-win  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/3/17) - Lewiston  
    Big plans pitched for State Hospital South  
        Post Register (2/2/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Thayne introduces HSA bill  
        Post Register (2/2/17) - Idaho Falls  
    With Telehealth, No need to travel  
        The Star-News (2/2/17) - McCall  
    Kauffman proposes exempting free clinics from sales tax  
        Times News (2/1/17) - Twin Falls  
    ACA repeal could cost Idaho $20M per year  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/31/17) - Lewiston  
    WWAMI, 'Idaho's medical school,' is a success story  
        Idaho Statesman (1/21/17) - Boise  
    Idaho College of Osteopathic Medicine: An important and worthy endeavor  
        Idaho Statesman (1/21/17) - Boise  
    Workforce in Idaho near full employment  
        Spokesman Review (1/21/17) - Spokane  
    Executive order takes aim to end Obamacare  
        Spokesman Review (1/21/17) - Spokane  
    Phoning it in: Telepharmacy connects rural patients  
        Times News (1/19/17) - Twin Falls  
    Trump's HHS pick sees 'access' to coverage as health reform goal  
        Spokesman Review (1/19/17) - Spokane  
    Health exchange head delivers positive report amid future uncertainty  
        Times News (1/19/17) - Twin Falls  
    87,000 Idahoans could lose health insurance  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/19/17) - Lewiston  
    No time to ignore Medicaid expansion  
        Post Register (1/17/17) - Idaho Falls  
    EYE ON BOISE: Idahoans optimistic but concerned about health care  
        Spokesman Review (1/15/17) - Spokane  
    GOP has early health care win  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/14/17) - Lewiston  
    Simpson, Labrador split on resolution to dismantle Obamacare  
        Times News (1/13/17) - Twin Falls  
    New bill could get rid of prescription need for quit-smoking aids  
        Times News (1/13/17) - Twin Falls  
    AG gets more time on St. Joe's sale  
        Lewiston Tribune ( 1/13/17) - Lewiston  
    Saint Alphonsus, St. Luke's to open hospitals this year in Nampa  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/13/17) - Nampa  
    Commissioner proposes new taxing district  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/11/17) - Lewiston  
    Despite woes, Obamacare not in "death spiral"  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/10/17) - Lewiston  
    NAMI extends reach with crisis hotline  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (1/10/17) - Sandpoint  
    Saint Alphonsus meshes ER with family care at new Nampa neighborhood hospital  
        Idaho Business Review (1/9/17) - Boise  
    Idaho Gov. Butch Otter: 'Voters have expressed a desire for government that works  
        Idaho Statesman (1/9/17) - Boise  
    State health plans in limbo Washington, Idaho wait to see Congress decision  
        Spokesman Review (1/8/17) - Spokane  
    New MRI upgrade reduces patient stress with music, video and mood lighting  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/4/17) - Nampa  
    St. Luke's gives Challis hospital X-ray system  
        Idaho Mountain Express (1/4/17) - Ketchum  
    Selling health insurance across state lines not likely to reduce premiums  
        Idaho Statesman (1/4/17) - Boise  
    Medicare launches revamp for heart attacks and hip fractures  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/3/17) - Lewiston  
    Q & A: The GOP's path to repealing Affordable Care Act  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/2/17) - Lewiston  
    Legislative budget panel has a new look  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (1/2/17) - SLC, ID  
    Moscow-area teens learn from volunteering  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/31/16) - Lewiston  
    GOP first may target ACA But Republicans still don't agree on how to replace health care law  
        Spokesman Review (12/30/16) - Spokane  
    GOP hopes to overhaul Medicaid  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/30/16) - Lewiston  
    St. Luke's gets more time to sell medical group that prompted antitrust lawsuit  
        Idaho Statesman (12/28/16) - Boise  
    Idaho ready to "do something" but not enough  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/24/16) - Lewiston  
    Don't cut the cord too fast  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/23/16) - Lewiston  
    Ready or not?  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (12/22/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    St. Luke's CEO: We're making progress in campaign to end fee-for-service care  
        Idaho Statesman (12/21/16) - Boise  
    Gooding hospital opens new medical plaza  
        Times News (12/20/16) - Twin Falls  
    CMS unveils Medicare-Medicaid ACO model  
        Modern Healthcare (12/19/16)  
    Curing Medicare's hospital readmissions penalties  
        Modern Healthcare (12/19/16)  
    Your Health Idaho announces record enrollment numbers  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/17/16) - Nampa  
    Little-known malady sends heavy pot smokers to ER with vomiting, stomach pain  
        Spokesman Review (12/17/16) - Spokane  
    How much did Obamacare affect Idaho? A lot, says federal agency  
        Idaho Statesman (12/16/16) - Boise  
    Doctors' Rx: Sell St. Joe's  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/13/16) - Lewiston  
    Clear rules needed when waiving deductibles  
        Modern Healthcare (12/12/16)  
    CMS officials to discuss quality rating system for managed Medicaid  
        Modern Healthcare (12/12/16)  
    MedPAC pushes for higher rates, but only for hospitals and doctors  
        Modern Healthcare (12/12/16)  
    Hagedorn: 'We Cannot Continue to Say No'  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (12/12/16) - SLC, ID  
    Certification sought for emergency dispatchers  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (12/9/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Suicide hotline expanding services  
        Spokesman-Review (12/6/16) - Spokane  
    CSI plans to launch new nutrition guide  
        Times-News (12/6/16) - Twin Falls  
    Rick Pollack Q & A: 'Everybody feels they have to redo or or dust off their strategic plan'  
        Modern Healthcare (12/5/16)  
    New CMS chief touts 'personal responsibility'  
        Modern Healthcare (12/5/16)  
    Advocates cheer mental health reforms in Cures bill  
        Modern Healthcare (12/5/16)  
    Add-ons ensure Cures Act easy lame-duck passage  
        Modern Healthcare (12/6/16)  
    Opioid epidemic puts pressure on authorities  
        Idaho Press-Tribune (12/4/16) - Nampa  
    Saint Al's neighborhood hospital to open in 2017  
        Idaho Press-Tribune (12/2/16) - Nampa  
    Physician: St. Joe's property to be mortgaged if sold  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/29/16) - Lewiston  
    GOP-led states that expanded Medicaid want to keep the program  
        Union-Tribune (11/28/16) - San Diego  
    Idaho officials seek $11 million for parolee mental health services  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/24/16) - Lewiston  
    Medicaid task force concludes it's time for action  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/23/16) - Lewiston  
    Idaho panel urges fixing health gap  
        Spokesman-Review (11/23/16) - Spokane  
    CLOSING THE GAP: State seeks to expand apprenticeships with $1.4 million grant  
        Times News (11/21/16) - Twin Falls  
    West Valley Medical Center renovates MRI suite, patient care  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11-20-16) - Nampa  
    Getting time on their side  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/20/16) - Lewiston  
    Saint Al's launches telemedicine app  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/19/16) - Nampa  
    The co-op approach to creating a workforce  
        Idaho Business Review (11/18/16) - Boise  
    Idaho State University campus displays planned med school  
        Idaho Statesman (11/9/16) - Boise  
    Bonner General Health nurses reject contract offer  
        Daily Bee (11/8/16) - Sandpoint  
    Hospital dancing to construction tunes  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (11/6/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    St. Joseph Regional Medical Center has a price tag of $109 million  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/5/16) - Lewiston  
    Hospital is planning $11 million renovation  
        Argus Observer (11/1/16) - Ontario  
    Coping with Cancer: St. Luke's performs Idaho's first childhood stem cell transplant  
        Idaho Statesman (10/30/16) - Boise  
    Medicaid and Budgets: Working group puts focus on budget impacts of expansion  
        Post Register (10/30/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Pharmacies offer new tool to fight nationwide epidemic of opioid abuse  
        Lewiston Tribune (10/30/16) - Lewiston  
    The future of joint replacement surgery  
        Idaho State Journal (10/30/16) - Pocatello  
    St. Luke's launches new online system  
        Idaho Mountain Express (10/30/16) - Ketchum  
    Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center hosts open house for new intensive outpatient program  
        Standard Journal (10/29/16) - Rexburg  
    Bingham Memorial Hospital introduces doctors at open house  
        Morning News (10/28/16) - Blackfoot  
    Cardiac associations to offer co-branded accreditation services  
        Modern Healthcare (10/28/16)  
    Insurers hold steady for the people in Idaho  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/28/16) - Nampa  
    Final Medicare payments to dialysis facilities to increase by $80 million  
        Modern Healthcare (10/28/16)  
    Board of Pharmacy reviews legislative changes  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/28/16) - Nampa  
    Cleveland Clinic announces top 10 medical innovations for 2017  
        Modern Healthcare (10/27/16)  
    Blue Cross of Idaho sues for Obamacare money  
        Idaho Statesman (10/26/16) - Boise  
    New Degree. Idaho State University launches health informatics master's program  
        Idaho State Journal (10/25/16) - Pocatello  
    Judge gives preliminary OK to Idaho Medicaid settlement  
        Spokesman Review (10/25/16) - Spokane  
    Lawmakers to finalize list of Medicaid expansion recommendations  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/25/16) - Nampa  
    Madison Memorial to implement robotic surgery  
        Standard Journal (10/25/16) - Rexburg  
    Hospital in Teton Valley gets trauma center designation  
        Post Register (10/25/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho lawmakers hear about how New Hampshire handled Medicaid expansion  
        Spokesman Review (10/24/16) - Spokane  
    'State innovation waivers' bypass some ACA requirements for coverage plans , don't apply to Medicaid  
        Spokesman Review (10/24/16) - Spokane  
    Idaho insurers: Next year stay in network, or pay big  
        Idaho Statesman (10/24/16) - Boise  
    Hagedorn offers coverage proposal: 'We don't have to reinvent the wheel'  
        Spokesman Review (10/24/16) - Spokane  
    Legislature's health coverage gap working group convenes meeting at Capitol  
        Spokesman Review (10/24/16) - Spokane  
    Health exchange patients at Blue Cross crossroads  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (10/23/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Medical school one step closer  
        Spokesman Review (10/20/16) - Spokane  
    Washington gets Medicaid waiver for "accountable health communities' model  
        Modern Healthcare (10/19/16)  
    Hospitals hard at work on renovations, expansions  
        IdahoBusinessReview.com (10/18/16)  
    St. Luke's looks to buy Washington Group Plaza  
        Idaho Business Review.com (10/17/16) - Boise  
    Education, health care and federal lands dominate legislative forum  
        Idaho State Journal (10/15/16) - Pocatello  
    Idaho's AG's office needs to sign off on St. Joe's sale  
        Lewiston Tribune (10/14/16) - Lewiston  
    CMS seeks to ease MACRA rollout by reducing physician's administrative burdens  
        Modern Healthcare (10/13/16)  
    Kootenai Health invests more than $100M in expansions  
        Idaho Business Review.com (10/13/16) - Boise  
    MACRA final rule is set to drop, maybe even this week  
        Modern Healthcare (10/13/16)  
    Medical college to use tax refund scholarships  
        Idaho Statesman (10/13/16) - Boise  
    County leads efforts to 'close the gap'  
        Idaho Mountain Express (10/12/16) - Ketchum  
    Drug price hikes may be hitting hospitals harder than consumers  
        Modern Healthcare (10/11/16)  
    No recommendations after faith-healing review  
        Idaho Statesman (10/11/16) - Boise  
    Portneuf Medical Center's parent company merges with Ardent  
        Idaho State Journal (10/6/16) - Pocatello  
    Hospitals tell CMS to slow flood of new alternative payment models  
        Modern Healthcare (10/5/16)  
    More employers join push for value-based healthcare  
        Modern Healthcare (10/5/16)  
    Crapo introduces VA health care reform bill  
        Times News (10/04/16) - Twin Falls  
    A Medicaid expansion primer  
        Post Register (10/02/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Mental health commitments on the rise in Idaho  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/02/16) - Nampa  
    Pleas from uninsured fail to sway lawmakers  
        Idaho Statesman (9/29/16) - Boise  
    St. Joe's hospital changing hands, selling to for-profit company  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/29/16) - Lewiston  
    Legislature's health coverage gap working group opens day-long meeting  
        Spokesman.com (9/28/16) - Spokane  
    Family Crisis Center hoping for St. Anthony satellite office  
        Standard Journal (9/27/16) - Rexburg  
    ISU - Meridian pharmacy researcher awarded $415,000 grant  
        Idaho State Journal (9/25/16) - Pocatello  
    Sneak peak to next legislative session  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/25/16) - Nampa  
    Idaho insurers offer more choices and higher prices for 2017  
        Idaho Statesman (9/23/16) - Bosie  
    Mental health, obesity deemed challenges. St. Luke's releases report on community health needs  
        Idaho Mountain Express (9/23/16) - Ketchum  
    Cascadia Healthcare sought property near Boise and Nampa hospitals  
        IdahoBusinessReview.com (9/21/16)  
    The coming changes in overtime pay: Some Idaho employers face up to new rule; others avoid it  
        Idaho Statesman (9/21/16) - Boise  
    Idaho insurance exchange will have at least 4 carriers offering plans in every Idaho county in 2017  
        Spokesman Review (9/20/16) - Spokane  
    Funding for the Crisis Center  
        Post Register (9/18/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Painkiller industry is a big part of Idaho medicine, politics  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/18/16) - Lewiston  
    Saint Al's building Garrity clinic in Nampa  
        Idaho Statesman (9/17/16) - Boise  
    State sues group over grant funding  
        Daily Bee (9/17/16) - Sandpoint  
    Idaho unemployment steady at 3.8 percent  
        Idaho Statesman (9/17/16) - Boise  
    Solving opioid, heroin problem requires public solutions  
        Idaho Statesman (9/16/16) - Boise  
    Idaho readmission rate second best in nation  
        Idaho Statesman (9/15/16) - Boise  
    Owyhee County man gets West Nile  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/15/16) - Nampa  
    Room for families: 'It gives folk's incentives to give birth in the community'  
        Argus Observer (9/15/16) - Ontario  
    Canyon County reports first travel-related Zika case  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/14/16) - Nampa  
    Construction starts on 8.5M skilled nursing facility  
        Times News (9/14/16) - Twin Falls  
    Otter can do right by Idaho's working poor  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/12/16) - Lewiston  
    Saint Alphonsus will build new Garrity Clinic in Nampa  
        Idaho Business Review (9/12/16) - Boise  
    Statesman editorial: Health coverage for Medicaid gap members is right, moral thing to do  
        Idaho Statesman (9/11/16) - Boise  
    Drug, medical devise patents pose problems  
        Idaho Statesman (9/10/16) - Boise  
    Payette County boy infected with West Nile  
        Independent Enterprise (9/8/16) - Payette  
    Syringa General Hospital eyes possible affiliation with Kootenai health  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/8/16) - Lewiston  
    Ada County officials warn of rabid bats  
        Idaho Statesman (9/7/16) - Boise  
    Proposal would save state $11M on employee health insurance  
        Idaho Business Review (9/7/16) - Boise  
    Tests may not be as reliable as advertised  
        Daily Bee (9/6/16) - Sandpoint  
    Idaho Lawmakers schedule session on state's so-called Medicaid gap  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/4/16) - Lewiston  
    Idaho obesity rate drops slightly, after tripling from 1990 to 2013  
        Spokesman Review (9/2/16) - Spokane  
    Alaska, Idaho educators partner for pharmacy program  
        Morning News/Associated Press (9/1/16) - Blackfoot  
    New Bingham Memorial Hospital doctor riding bike across U.S. to aid cancer victim  
        Idaho State Journal (8/30/16) - Pocatello  
    Idaho Falls doctor says his business model cuts costs of of medical care, doesn't take insurance  
        Spokesman Review Online (8/30/16)  
    Idaho Legislators work to close the gap  
        Lewiston Tribune (8/30/16) - Lewiston  
    Impasse on expansion of Medicaid persists  
        Idaho Statesman (8/30/16) - Boise  
    Madison Memorial Hospital earns 2016 Excellence through Innovation Award  
        Standard Journal (8/26/16) - Rexburg  
    Long-term care facilities are slow to adopt electronic medical records  
        Idaho Business Review (8/25/16) - Boise  
    Hospital honors Francie Walters  
        Gazette Record (8/24/16) - St. Maries  
    Keep ball rolling for children's mental health  
        Idaho Statesman (8/24/16) - Boise  
    St. Luke's 5-star medicare rating is No. 1 in state  
        Idaho Statesman (8/21/16) - Boise  
    Medicaid expansion would lower taxes, aid economy, help Idahoans  
        Idaho Statesman (8/21/16) - Boise  
    Hospital's owner plans downsizing  
        Spokesman Review (8/19/16) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's McCall clinics add pharmacist to make sure patients take, understand their medications  
        McCall Star News (8/18/16) - McCall  
    Doctor shortage plagues Idaho  
        KBOI Channel 2 News (8/18/16) - Boise  
    Report: Expanding Medicaid in Idaho would improve lives, boost ecomomy  
        Idaho State Journal (8/17/16) - Pocatello  
    Idaho Horse Therapy uses horses, brainwave therapy to help with PTSD  
        Times News (8/15/16) - Twin Falls  
    Gem State health care gap: It's time to act  
        Idaho Statesman (8/14/16) - Boise  
    Vets brace for possible health care changes  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/13/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    ISU's new medical school gets 40-year lease  
        Idaho State Journal (8/13/16) - Pocatello  
    Grant will help Idaho coordinate health care  
        Tribune (8/12/16) - Lewiston  
    Panel hears pros, cons of Medicaid expansion  
        Idaho Statesman (8/12/16) - Boise  
    These 8 diseases are on the rise in the Magic Valley  
        Times News (8/11/16) - Twin Falls  
    New provider joins Syringa team  
        Idaho County Free Press (8/11/16) - Boise  
    Faith healers: Our beliefs will continue  
        Idaho Statesman (8/5/16) - Boise  
    Working on a prescription for success  
        Lewiston Tribune (8/5/16) - Lewiston  
    Idaho woman develops Zika  
        Spokesman Review (8/4/16) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's Jerome dedicates memorial bridge  
        Times News (8/3/16) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho View: Legislators on state health care questionable  
        Times News (8/3/16) - Twin Falls  
    Nurse practitioner launches house call business in Valley  
        Idaho Statesman (8/3/16) - Boise  
    Dial 986, Idaho's new area code  
        Boise Weekly (8/3/16) - Boise  
    Shoshone Medical Center earns quality-based certification  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/2/16) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Saint Al's, St. Luke's commit dollars to Boise plan to battle chronic homelessness  
        Boise Weekly (8/1/16) - Boise  
    Gap Debate: Is health care a right or privilege?  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (8/1/16)  
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