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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    Canyon Considers Hospital Tax Exemptions  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/5/14) - Nampa  
    Medicaid: Idaho in Giant Hole  
        Idaho Statesman (9/4/14) - Boise  
    New Health Care Payment Model Coming to Boise  
        Idaho Business Review (8/20/14) - Boise  
    Weiser Memorial May Become a St. Luke's Hospital  
        Argus Observer (8/19/14) - Ontario  
    Why Would Idaho Walk Away from $4.8 Billion?  
        Daily News (8/18/14) - Moscow-Pullman  
    Idaho Work Group Favors Medicaid Expansion  
        Idaho Statesman (8/15/14) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus Doctors Unite to Build a Joint Institute  
        Idaho Business Review (8/14/14) - Boise  
    Portneuf Medical Center Seeks Verification as Level 2 Trauma Center  
        Idaho State Journal (8/12/14) - Pocatello  
    St. Luke's to Borrow Up To $180 Million  
        Idaho Statesman (8/11/14) - Boise  
    Mental Illness Services Limited  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/10/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    AG, St. Luke's Medical Center Reach Deal  
        Times News (8/7/14) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho Hospital Association Announces New President  
        Idaho Hospital Association (8/6/14) - Boise  
    Make Way for Mayo  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/6/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Elk's Hospital to Close, Lay Off 516; St. Luke's to Take Over  
        Idaho Statesman (8/2/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Celebrates Clinic's Grand Opening  
        Argus Observer (8/2/14) - Ontario  
    Idaho Gets Mental Health Funding  
        Idaho Press Tribune (8/1/14) - Nampa  
    Change Made in Hospital Leadership  
        Gazette Record (7/31/14) - St. Maries  
    Portneuf Medical Center Ranks High in Survey  
        Idaho State Journal (7/31/14) - Pocatello  
    Rival Idaho County Hospitals Schedule Joint Board Meeting  
        Lewiston Tribune (7/31/14) - Lewiston  
    Idaho Exchange Worried About Health Data Delay  
        Idaho Statesman (7/26/14) - Boise  
    9th Circuit Court Issues Stay, Expedites St. Luke's Appeal  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/26/14) - Nampa  
    $200,000 to WWAMI Medical Program  
        Daily News (7/25/14) - Moscow-Pullman  
    Idaho Exchange Looks Unaffected by Obamacare Rulings  
        Times News (7/24/14) - Twin Falls  
    Idahoans Could See Refunds from Insurance Providers  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/24/14) - Nampa  
    Health Care Reform, Idaho's Physician Shortage and Telemedicine  
        Idaho Business Review (7/24/14) - Boise  
    The Exchange Status in Idaho? It's State-Based and Complicated  
        Idaho Statesman (7/23/14) - Boise  
    Saying Goodbye to a St. Luke's Leader  
        Idaho Statesman (7/23/14) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus Health System CEO Takes New Job  
        Idaho Statesman (7/22/14) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus CEO is Promoted to West/Midwest Executive VP of Parent Company  
        Idaho Statesman (7/22/14) - Boise  
    Independent Doctors  
        KTVB Channel 7 (7/19/14) - Boise  
    Optum on Deffensive After Volley of Provider Complaints  
        Times News (7/17/14) - Twin Falls  
    Coeur d'Alene Had Top Score for State Crisis Center  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (7/16/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Few Mental Health Options Here  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (7/13/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    St. Luke's Fruitland Plaza Ready to Open  
        Independent Enterprise (7/13/14) - Payette  
    Idaho Health Exchange Executive Hired by N.M.  
        Idaho Statesman (7/12/14) - Boise  
    E-Cigarettes Prompt New Questions for Health-Focused Employers  
        Idaho Business Review (7/9/14) - Boise  
    Idaho's Mental Health Care Is an Economic Development Issue  
        Idaho Business Review (7/9/14) - Boise  
    Health Care Records to be Revealed  
        Idaho Statesman (7/10/14) - /biuse  
    Problems Persist with Mental Health Contractor, Providers Say  
        Times News (7/2/14) - Twin Falls  
    Canyon County Approves St. Luke's Exemptions  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/1/14) - Nampa  
    WSU, UW Spar Over Future of Region's Med Schools  
        Seattle Times (6/30/14) - Seattle  
    Mental Health Facility Goes South  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/26/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    HHS Announces Auto-Enrollment for Current ACA Consumers  
        Modern Healthcare (6/27/14)  
    Legislators Begin to Form Opinions on Dealing with Medicaid in 2015 Session  
        IdahoReporter.com (6/27/14) - IdahoReporter.com  
    St. Luke's Given Time on Saltzer  
        Idaho Statesman (6/27/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Appeals Property Tax Exemption Denial  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/25/14) - Nampa  
    Town Hall Meeting Draws Crowd, Discussion on Hospital Renovation  
        Idaho County Free Press (6/23/14) - Boise  
    Expanding Medicaid Could Save Idaho $176 Million  
        Idaho Business Review 6/20/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Request to Stay Court Ruling Rejected  
        Times News (6/20/14) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho Group Discusses Medicaid Redesign Options  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/19/14) - Nampa  
    Idaho Justices Order Hospital to Pay $52 Million in Suit  
        Idaho Business Review (6/18/14) - Boise  
    Idaho Gets Its First Health-Insurance Co-Op  
        Idaho Statesman (6/17/14) - Boise  
    New Director for Medical Education Program  
        Idaho Business Review (6/17/14) - Boise  
    Hospital Group Sues Government Over Two-Midnights Rule  
        Idaho Business Review (6/13/14) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus Sight to Open by Fall  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/12/14) - Nampa  
    Blue Cross of Idaho Plans a New Pricing Tool  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/11/14) - Nampa  
    Feds Take a New Look at Patient Data Protection  
        Idaho Business Review (6/6/14) - Boise  
    Keeping Cancer on the Run  
        Idaho Statesman (6/5/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's: Plans Target Efficiency  
        Idaho Statesman (5/31/14) - Boise  
    Idaho Moving Forward with State-Run Obamacare Exchange  
        Washington Times (5/27/14) - Washington  
    Health Systems Look to the Cloud for Storing, Sharing Data  
        Idaho Business Review (5/23/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Sharpens Stroke Care  
        Times News (5/19/14) - Twin Falls  
    Police: Patient Attacks Hospital Worker in Meridian  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/6/14) - Nampa  
    Is Bigger Better? Idaho Hospital Battle a Microcosm of Debate Over Industry Consolidation  
        Kaiser Health News (5/4/14)  
    Health Insurance Enrollment Exceeds Expectations  
        Post Register (4/29/14) - Idaho Falls  
    St. Luke's Named Top 15 Health System  
        Idaho Press Tribune (4/29/14) - Nampa  
    Doctor Who Prescribed Antibiotic By Phone Could Lose Certification  
        Spokesman Review (4/27/14) - Spokane  
    Oregon Drops Health Exchange State Portal  
        Argus Observer (4/25/14) - Ontario  
    UW: More Med School Time in Idaho  
        Daily News (4/18/14) - Moscow-Pullman  
    Washington State University Considers Med School  
        Idaho Business Review (4/15/14) - Boise  
    PMC Among Leaders in Advanced Medical Technology and Technique  
        Idaho State Journal (4/13/14) - Pocatello  
    St. Luke's Poised to Run Elks Rehab  
        Idaho Statesman (4/12/14) - Boise  
    St. Luke's New Helicopter Hangar: How It Works, What It Costs, How It Saves Lives  
        Times News (4/18/14) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Trial Documents Reviewed  
        Idaho Statesman (4/10/14) - Boise  
    ZoomCare Leaving Idaho  
        Idaho Business Review (4/8/14) - Boise  
    State Auditors: Idaho Misspent Some Welfare Funds  
        Idaho Statesman (4/3/14) - Boise  
    $7 Million  
        Argus Observer (4/3/14) - Ontario  
    Health Care Costs Rise in Rural Areas  
        Idaho Statesman (3/21/14) - Boise  
    Idaho Catches Up on Sending Mental Health Records to FBI  
        Times News (3/27/14) - Twin Falls  
    Judge Halts Medicaid Cuts After ACLU Suit  
        Idaho Statesman (3/27/14) - Boise  
    North Canyon Medical Center Appoints CEO  
        Times News (3/26/14) - Twin Falls  
    Health Care Reform and the 60 Day Repayment Rule  
        Idaho Business Review (3/11/14) - Boise  
    Idaho 2nd in Per Capita Health Exchange Enrollment  
        Post Register (3/12/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho Eyes Move to Lure Psychiatrists to Hospitals  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/12/14) - Nampa  
    Hospital to Contract for Doctors in ER  
        Standard Journal (3/11/14) - Rexburg  
    CAT Fund Bill Clears Committee  
        Post Register (2/28/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho Health Insurers Target Young Adults  
        Idaho Statesman (2/27/14) - Boise  
    New Helicopter Enhances Regional Medical Coverage  
        Argus Observer (2/26/14) - Ontario  
    IHA: Average Health Care Costs Don't Apply to All Patients  
        Idaho Press Tribune (2/23/14) - Nampa  
    Bill to Protect Health Care Workers Could Put Violent Patients in Prison  
        Spokesman Review (2/22/14) - Spokane  
    Indigent Care Reforms Sought  
        Post Register (2/21/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Behavioral Health Clinics Approved By Committee  
        Post Register (2/21/14) - Idaho Falls  
    St. Al's Acquires Eagle Clinic  
        Idaho Statesman (2/21/14) - Boise  
    Boise's Healthwise Merges with Boston Organization  
        Idaho Statesman (2/20/14) - Boise  
    Idaho's Independent Doctors Join Forces  
        Idaho Business Review (2/20/14) - Boise  
    WWAMI Bill Dies in House Education Committee  
        Post Register 2/20/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho Eyes 'Private Option' to Health Care Issues  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/20/14) - Lewiston  
    AARP President Talks Idaho Health Care  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (2/19/14) - Boise  
    Lost Rivers CEO Reflects on Changes  
        Idaho State Journal (2/19/14) - Pocatello  
    Expanding Medicaid Would Help Idaho Businesses, Families  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (2/19/14) - Boise  
    More Idahoans Dialing Into Your Health Idaho for Less Politics, More Facts  
        Boise Weekly (2/19/14) - Boise  
    Health Insurance Penalty Could Cost More Than You Think  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (2/19/14) - Boise  
    Achievements in Idaho Health  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (2/19/14) - Boise  
    Move to Kill CAT Fund Finished  
        Post Register (2/19/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Nonprofit Health Systems Produce Value for Communities  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (2/19/14) - Boise  
    Rusche's Bill to Promote Transparency in Health Care  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/14/14) - Lewiston  
    Labrador Finds His Insurgent Past Dogging Him  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/13/14) - Lewiston  
    House Passes Measure Extending Dental Coverage to Adult Medicaid Recipients  
        Idaho Reporter.com (2/12/14) - Idaho Reporter.com  
    West Valley Medical Center Named Business of the Year  
        Idaho Press Tribune (2/12/14) - Nampa  
    Advocates Promote Budget That Restores Medicaid Cuts  
        Spokesman Review (2/9/14) - Spokane  
    Psych Hospital Recruitment Bill Heads Back to Committee  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/4/14) - Lewiston  
    Bill to Help Attract Doctors to Idaho's Two Psychiatric Hospitals Finds Favor  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/29/14) - Lewiston  
    Affordable Care Act Call Center Lawsuit Alleges Unpaid Overtime  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/29/14) - Nampa  
    Saint Alphonsus Opens Nampa OB/GYN Clinic  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/29/14) - Nampa  
    Details Unveiled in St. Luke's Case  
        Idaho Statesman (1/29/14) - Boise  
    Citizens Tell Idaho Legislative Panel Where It Hurts  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/25/14) - Lewiston  
    Federal Judge Rules in Favor of Saint Alphonsus Antitrust Case  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/25/14) - Nampa  
    Mental Health Care Providers Blast Private Manager  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/25/14) - Nampa  
    Medical Center Appoints Interim CEO  
        Times News (1/24/814) - Twin Falls  
    Judge Says St. Luke's Buyout Violates Antitrust Law, Must Be Undone  
        Idaho Statesman Online (1/24/14) - Online  
    Mental Health Centers Could Help Reduce Incarceration  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/22/14) -  
    Idaho Exchange Unsure If Enrollees Were Uninsured  
        Idaho Statesman (1/22/14) - Boise  
    Doctors Say Shortage Looms in Idaho  
        Spokesman Review (1/22/14) - Spokane  
    Idaho's Sick Fall Prey to Politics  
        Idaho State Journal (1/22/14) - Pocatello  
    Counties Review Need for Indigent Care Funds  
        Idaho State Journal (1/21/14) - Pocatello  
    Is Otter Right on Medicaid Expansion?  
        Idaho Statesman (1/21/14) - Boise  
    Idaho Lawmakers Hear From County Officials About Indigent Care Costs  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/17/14) - Lewiston  
    Rep. Gannon Tackles Faith Healing After Child Deaths  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/17/14) - Nampa  
    Kootenai Health Limits Visitors  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (1/17/14) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Idaho Needlessly Brings Fiscal Pain on Itself  
        Spokesman Review (1/17/14) - Spokane  
    Idaho's Catastrophic Health Care Program Costs Climb  
        Spokesman Review (1/17/14) - Spokane  
    A Mental Health Safety Net  
        Idaho Statesman (1/17/14) - Boise  
    Counties Balk at Paying Medical Bills  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/16/14) - Lewiston  
    Otter Opts to Continue Idaho's Death Spiral  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/16/14) - Lewiston  
    Idaho Lawmakers Eye New Health Care Model  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/15/14) - Lewiston  
    Idaho Re-Examines Medicaid Dental Cuts  
        Spokesman Review (1/15/14) - Spokane  
    Armstrong: Initiatives Could 'Significantly Improve Lives'  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/14/14) - Lewiston  
    Senate Will Hold Confirmation Hearings for Members of Insurance Exchange Board  
        Idaho Reporter.com (1/12/14) - Idaho Reporter.com  
    Idaho Exchange Enrollment Jumps Following Site Fixes  
        Spokesman Review (1/11/14) - Spokane  
    Saint Alphonsus CEO Stepping Down  
        Argus Observer (1/9/14) - Ontario  
    Idaho Elks Rehabilitation Hospital CEO Retires  
        Idaho Statesman (1/5/14) - Boise  
    St. Joseph RMC Chief is Moving On  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/4/14) - Lewiston  
    Idaho GOP Trims Expectation of Medicaid Expansion in 2014  
        Post Register (1/4/14) - Idaho Falls  
    Study Finds Medicaid Expansion Drove Up ER Visits  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/3/14) - Nampa  
    Saint Alphonsus Opening Heart , Maternity Centers  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/3/14) - Nampa  
    Guest Opinion - Does Saying, ‘I’m Sorry’ Help?  
        Idaho Business Review (1/3/14) - Boise  
    HIPAA Privacy Rules Don’t Just Affect Healthcare Businesses  
        Idaho Business Review (Boise)  
    As a Boise Health System Grows, So Does Executive Pay  
        Idaho Statesman (12/29/13) - Boise  
    IBR Breakfast Series: Rich in Recreation  
        Idaho Business Review (12/20/13) - Boise  
    Medicaid Expansion Would Benefit Idaho Veterans  
        Spokesman Review (12/19/13) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's Patient Portal Working Well  
        Times News (12/20/13) - Twin Falls  
    Cassia Hospital Gives Sneak Peak at New ER  
        Times News (12/19/13) - Twin Falls  
    Madison Memorial Forms New Alliance  
        Standard Journal (12/19/13) - Rexburg  
    Med School Enrollments Rise, but Residency Spots Are Limited  
        Idaho Business Review (12/19/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Antitrust Case Puts Healthcare Pricing 'Trade Secrets' in Spotlight  
        Modern Healthcare (12/18/13)  
    North Canyon Medical Center CEO Resigns  
        Times News (12/18/13) - Twin Falls  
    Officials Hope to Mend Idaho's Broken Mental Health System  
        Times News (12/18/13) - Twin Falls  
    An Array of Insurance Options for Idaho Small Businesses  
        Idaho Business Review (12/17/13) - Boise  
    SHIP -Building Aims to Develop Value-Driven Health Care  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (12/17/13) - Boise  
    Politics Color Governors' Decisions on Medicaid  
        Idaho Business Review (12/17/13) - Boise  
    After Delay, Idaho Exchange to Begin Ads Dec. 20  
        Idaho Statesman (12/13/13) - Boise  
    Little Known About 1,730 Idaho Exchange Enrollees  
        Idaho Statesman (12/12/13) - Boise  
    Medical Ribbon-Cuttings Galore  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (12/10/13) - Boise  
    When You Lose Your Doctor, Democrats will Take the Hit  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (12/10/13) - Boise  
    Kootenai Health Pulls Its Doctors Out of North Idaho Health Network  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (12/8/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Medicaid Expansion the Conservative Thing to Do  
        Times News (12/8/13) - Twin Falls  
    West Valley Medical Complex Open for Business  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/6/13) - Nampa  
    Medicaid Redesign Is a Win-Win for Business and Taxpayers  
        Idaho Business Review (12/6/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Expansion Nearing Second Phase  
        Argus Observer (12/6/13) - Ontario  
    Wellness Complex  
        Idaho State Journal (12/5/13) - Pocatello  
    Hospital to Ink New Deal  
        Standard Journal (12/5/13) - Rexburg  
    State Extends Health Insurance Deadline  
        Times News (12/5/13) - Twin Falls  
    Otter Gives Goahead to Extend Health Plans  
        KBSX News (12/4/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Slow to Replace Reduced Mental Health Funding  
        Times News (12/1/13) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho Hospitals Focus on Family as Luxury Trends Sweep Industry  
        Idaho Business Review (11/26/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Insurers Answer Questions on Affordable Care Act  
        Idaho Statesman (11/24/13) - Boise  
    Health Care Tops Legislative Discussion in Rexburg  
        Standard Journal (11/24/13) - Rexburg  
    Federal Program Changes Focus of Health Care  
        Times News (11/21/13) - Twin Falls  
    A Word with David Schmitz: 'Patient Access to Care Is An Economic Developement Issue'  
        Idaho Business Review (11/19/13) - Boise  
    IACI Supports Arkansas Medicaid Plan  
        NPR (11/19/13) - Boise  
    Few Attend State Health Exchange Presentation  
        Idaho State Journal (11/15/13) - Pocatello  
    Just 338 Idahoans Selected Exchange Insurance  
        Idaho Statesman (11/14/13) - Boise  
    Madison Memorial Safety Score Improves  
        Standard Journal (11/14/13) - Rexburg  
    Thousands Apply for Washington, Idaho Exchange Plans  
        Spokesman Review (11/14/13) - Spokane  
    Idaho Should Not Pass On An Opportunity to Save Lives, Dollars  
        Post Register (11/13/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho Board Keeping Health Insurance Exchange Inquiry Secret  
        Idaho Statesman (11/13/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Splits from Humana Plan Over Money  
        Idaho Statesman (11/13/13) - Boise  
    Could the Affordable Care Act Worsen Idaho's Doctor Shortage?  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (11/12/13) - Boise  
    Hospital CEO's  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (11/12/13) - Boise  
    Health Care Headaches: How is Idaho Faring with Obamacare?  
        Idaho Business Review (11/12/13) - Boise  
    'Obamacare' Brings a New World for Idaho Insurers  
        Idaho Stateman Insider (11/12/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Case Judge: Necessity Key Issue  
        Idaho Statesman (11/8/13) - Boise  
    Officials Ironing Out Issues with State Health Exchange  
        Times News (11/8/13) - Twin Falls  
    West Valley CEO Leaves for New Job  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/2/13) - Nampa  
    Partnership is Helping Idaho Cities Combat Child Obesity  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/1/13) - Nampa  
    Board Puts Controls on Health Exchange Work  
        Idaho Stateman (10/31/13) - Boise  
    Digital Prescriptions Skyrockets in U.S.  
        Idaho business Review (10/31/13) - Boise  
    Moving Health Exchange Past Challenges  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (10/31/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Medicaid Expansion Could Drop Costs for Prisons  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/30/13) - Nampa  
    New Clinic for Terry Reilly  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/29/13) - Nampa  
    Hospitals, Doctors Struggle with Digital Revolution  
        Idaho Business Review (10/29/13) - Boise  
    Exchange Sees Crisis After Crisis  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/28/13) - Nampa  
    St. Luke's a Nationwide Test Case  
        Idaho Statesman (10/27/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Health Exchange Board Ends Contract with Ex-Member  
        Spokesman Review (10/23/13) - Spokane  
    Lincoln County "Stork" Named Doctor of the Year  
        Times News (10/23/13) - Twin Falls  
    Saint Alphonsus Nampa Gets 5-Star Heart Care Rating  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/23/13) - Nampa  
    West Valley Medical One of America's Top Hospitals  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/23/13) - Nampa  
    Delving Into the Details  
        Idaho State Journal (10/22/13) - Pocatello  
    Lawmakers: Exchange Contract Should Be Voided  
        Idaho Stateman (10/22/13) - Boise  
    Witnesses Reject St. Luke's Assertions  
        Idaho Statesman (10/22/13) - Boise  
    Insurance Agents Frustrated by U.S. Health Law  
        Idaho State Journal (10/20/13) - Pocatello  
    Idaho Health Insurance Exchange No-Bid Contract Called "Indefensible"  
        Spokesman Review (10/19/13) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's Economist: Saint Alphonsus Can't Prove it is Harmed by Saltzer Deal  
        Idaho Statesman (10/18/13) - Boise  
    Health-Care Battle: What Counts as Confidential in Hospital Antitrust Trial?  
        Times News (10/18/13) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Christens New Clinic  
        Idaho Mountain Express (10/16/13) - Ketchum  
    Bonner General Hospital Prepares to Expand  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (10/15/13) - Sandpoint  
    Obamacare: Could it Make Magic Valley's Doctor Shortage Worse?  
        Times News (10/15/13) - Twin Falls  
    A Look Behind the Scenes of St. Luke's Buyout  
        Times News (10/13/13) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho Exchange Projects Fee Hike  
        Idaho Statesman (10/11/13) - Boise  
    State Official: Medicaid Access Ok in Canyon County  
        Idaho Statesman (10/11/13) - Boise  
    Performance Pay a Topic at St. Luke's Trial  
        Idaho Statesman (10/10/13) - Boise  
    Judge Rules Against Media in Hospital Case  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/9/13) - Nampa  
    St. Luke's Opens New Mental-Health Facility  
        Idaho Mountain Express (10/9/13) - Ketchum  
    Idaho Insurance Exchange Succeeding Despite Delays  
        Spokesman Review (10/8/13) - Spokane  
    The Changing Face of an Idaho Hospital  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (10/8/13) - Boise  
    Saltzer Doctor: Deal with St. Luke's Not About Control  
        Idaho Statesman (10/5/13) - Boise  
    Testimony: Doctors Felt Pressure  
        Idaho Statesman (10/4/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Health Exchange Launches with Few Hiccups  
        Idaho Statesman (10/2/13) - Boise  
    Obamacare Off to Slow Start  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (10/2/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Preserving Independence, Personal Choice Amid Healthcare Reforms  
        Argus Observer (10/2/13) - Ontario  
    Health Insurance Exchange Open for Business: Part 3  
        Times News (10/1/13) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Trial Reveals Power Struggles  
        Idaho Statesman (10/1/13) - Boise  
    Health Exchange Open Enrollment Starts Tuesday, Part 2  
        Times News (9/30/13) - Twin Falls  
    Micron Health Plan Shows Flaws of St. Luke's Expansion, Lawyers Say  
        Times News (9/29/13) - Twin Falls  
    Delay is Only Temporary Reprieve for Employers  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/29/13) - Lewiston  
    What Do Small Businesses Need to Know About Health Exchange  
        Times News (9/29/13) - Twin Falls  
    For-Profit Insurer Exits Idaho Exchange  
        Post Register (9/27/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Courtroom Closed to Public Tuesday in St. Luke's Trial  
        Idaho Statesman (9/25/13) - Boise  
    Health Care Tax Credits Waiting  
        Idaho Statesman (9/25/13) - Boise  
    How Idaho's Health Exchange Board Scrambled to Open on Time  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (9/24/13) - Boise  
    The Changing Face of St. Joe's  
        Lewiston Tribune (9/24/13) - Lewiston  
    Idaho Embraces Health Insurance Exchange - Reluctantly  
        Idaho Stateman Insider (9/24/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Defends Saltzer Buyout in Court, Opponents Lay Out Attack Plan  
        Idaho Statesman (9/24/13) - Boise  
    Lawsuit Advance  
        KTVB Channel 7 (9/23/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's on Trial This Week  
        Idaho Statesman (9/22/13) - Boise  
    Hospital Lawsuit Will Reverberate  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/22/13) - Nampa  
    Idaho Rep. Mike Simpson Votes for Defunding Obamacare  
        Times News (9/21/13) - Twin Falls  
    Ex-Bingham Memorial IT Director to Stand Trial  
        Post Register (9/21/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Prices Are Up for Premiums On The Insurance Exchange  
        Idaho Business Review (9/15/13) - Boise  
    Madison Memorial Unveils New Therapy Piano  
        Standard Journal (9/12/13) - Rexburg  
    New St. Luke's Position Brings Departments Together  
        Idaho Business Review (9/11/13) - Boise  
    Officials: Health Exchange will Have 161 Plans  
        Idaho Press Tribune (9/5/13) - Nampa  
    BBB: 'Obamacare' Scams Coming  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (9/5/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Extending Health Coverage to Poor Won't Cost More Money  
        Idaho Statesman (8/24/13) - Boise  
    State-Run Exchange on Track for October Launch  
        Idaho Business Review (8/14/13) - Boise  
    Under Fire, St. Luke's Says It's Trying to Fix Broken System  
        Idaho Statesman (8/13/13) - Boise  
    Consumer Reports Give PMC Highest Score Possible  
        Idah State Journal (8/9/13) - Pocatello  
    Local Hospitals Top Surgery Rankings  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/8/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    State Exchange Gets 20.3 Million  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (8/8/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Idaho Health Exchange Team Focused on Tough Task  
        Idaho Statesman (8/4/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's to Launch Online Patient Portal  
        Times News (8/4/13) - Twin Falls  
    What Will Idaho's Health Insurance Exchange Mean to You?  
        Idaho Press Tribune (8/4/13) - Nampa  
    Blue Cross Leads Way in Idaho Exchange  
        Idaho Statesman (8/2/13) - Boise  
    Some Good Ideas for "Responsible Medicaid" Expansion  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/31/13) - Nampa  
    Idaho Exchange Seems Likely to Be Efficient  
        Idaho State Journal (7/28/13) - Pocatello  
    H & W Prepares for Medicaid Expansion, Just in Case  
        Idaho Statesman (7/23/13) - Boise  
    Health Exchange Director: Site Will Be Quick, Easy  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/22/13) - Nampa  
    Saint Alphonsus Takes Top Ranking for 3rd Year  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/18/13) - Nampa  
    U.S. News Ranks Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center #1 in Idaho, Boise Metro Area  
        KIVI TV Online (7/17/13) - Online  
    The Other Side of Health Care Reform  
        Idaho Business Review (7/16/13) - Boise  
    Idaho Prison Suicide Attempts are Up  
        Post Register (7/12/13) - Idaho Falls  
    New Look for Kootenai Health  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (7/10/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    When a Simple Pill Won't Cut It  
        Idaho Stateman (7/9/13) - Boise  
    Exchange Now Links All Saint Al's Hospitals  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (7/9/13) - Boise  
    Arco Hospital Now Emerging from Bankruptcy  
        Post Register (7/7/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Why District 12 Officials Voted for State Insurance Exchange  
        Idaho Press Tribune (7/7/13) - Nampa  
    Idaho's Medicaid Expansion Choice Could Help Businesses  
        Idaho Statesman (7/6/13) - Boise  
    Employers Consider Obamacare Delay  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (7/4/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Idaho Exchange Board: Average Policy Costs $240  
        Idaho Statesman (6/29/13) - Boise  
    Kootenai Health: Nurse Not Fired for Whistle Blowing  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/29/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Idaho Exchange Member Data Will Be Shared with a Number of Agencies  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/26/13) - Lewiston  
    A Word with David Pate: 'Do We Want to Lead or Do We Want Somebody Else to Fix this.'  
        Idaho Business Review (6/24/13) - Online  
    Staffing Agencies and Their Clients Must Work Out Who Pays for Health Benefits  
        Idaho Business Review (6/24/13) - Boise  
    Bill Could Curb Doctor Shortage  
        Idaho Statesman (6/21/13) - Boise  
    Adding Inpatient Care in North Nampa  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (6/18/13) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Rehab Center Earns Accreditation  
        Times News (6/18/13) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Wants to Share It's Successful Wellness Program  
        Idaho Business Review (6/14/13) - Boise  
    Health Reform Issue Prompts Debate About Slating GOP Candidates  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/12/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    The Deadline Is Almost Here for Compliance with Health Insurance Rules  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (6/11/13) - Boise  
    PMC Names New Chief Executive  
        Idaho State Journal (6/11/13) - Pocatello  
    IACI Visits CD'A to Set 2014 Agenda  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/11/13) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Navigating the Health Law: One Big Employer's Advice  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (6/11/13) - Boise  
    What Health Care Reform Won't Do  
        Idaho Statesman Insider (6/11/13) - Boise  
    Lewiston Hospital Announces Staff Cuts  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/8/13) - Lewiston  
    How to Know When the New Health Care Laws Apply to Your Business  
        Idaho Business Review (5/31/13) - Boise  
    Carrots and Sticks for Medicaid  
        Idaho Statesman (5/3/13) - Boise  
    Idaho's Seniors in Need  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/30/13) - Nampa  
    Cassia Regional Medical Center Breaks Ground for Expansion Project  
        Times News (5/29/13) - Twin Falls  
    Hospital to Get New CT Scanner  
        Idaho Mountain Express (5/29/13) - Ketchum  
    Moving Quickly, Acting Creatively  
        Post Register (5/25/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Detecting Cancer: Actress' Announcement Leads to Awareness of Testing  
        Times News (5/25/13) - Twin Falls  
    Some Unions Now Angry About Health Care Overhaul  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/29/13) - Nampa  
    Clearing Up the Misconceptions  
        Post Register (5/15/13) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho in Health Exchange 'Scramble'  
        Politico Blog (5/10/13) - Online  
    C-Section Rates Vary Among Area Hospitals  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/12/13) - Lewiston  
    Hospital Cost Confusion  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/10/13) - Nampa  
    Sticker Shock  
        Post Register (5/10/13) - Idaho Falls  
    The Mystery of Hospital Pricing  
        Idaho Statesman (5/9/13) - Boise  
    Saint Als Medical Center Ontario Opens New Plymouth Clinic  
        Independent Enterprise (5/3/13) - Payette  
    House Calls Brings Doctors Back to Doorsteps  
        Idaho Business Review (5/2/13) - Boise  
    Family Maternity Center Reopens  
        Standard Journal (5/2/13) - Rexburg  
    St. Luke's Antitrust Trial Pushed to Sept. 23  
        Times News (5/1/13) - Twin Falls  
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