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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    IHA Statement on Senate Healthcare Proposal  
        Idaho Hospital Association - June 23, 2017  
    Obamacare repeal would cost children in Idaho, study says  
        Idaho Statesman (6/20/17) - Boise  
    Has the opioid epidemic reached Idaho? Not like what's seen back East  
        Idaho Statesman (6/17/17) - Boise  
    Drugs, health and families: 6 new stats show how children are faring in Idaho  
        Times News (6/16/17) - Twin Falls  
    Saint Alphonsus hosts open house for new Garrity hospital  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/15/17) - Nampa  
    Lost Rivers Medical Center announces start on surgery center  
        Challis Messenger (6/15/17) - Challis  
    Free health clinics make a comeback amid fear of Obamacare demise  
        Idaho Statesman (6/14/17) - Boise  
    Trump calls House health care bill 'mean'  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/14/17) - Lewiston  
    Medicaid cuts could be "catastrophic" for schools  
        Times News (6/14/17) - Twin Falls  
    Lawsuit: Hospitals failed the poor  
        Spokesman Review (6/13/17) - Spokane  
    Looking for the best treatment option  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/13/17) - Lewiston  
    A future written in the past  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/22/17) - Lewiston  
    Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center opens integrated surgical robots suite  
        Post Register (6/12/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Bingham Memorial named "Healing Hospital'  
        Post Register (6/12/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Hospital, schools feel impact of suicide series  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/11/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Taskforce has draft recommendations on workforce development  
        Idaho Business Review (6/9/17 - Boise  
    Kootenai, Providence forge a new alliance  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (6/7/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    'It's an Orchestra'  
        Idaho Press Tribune (6/6/17) - Nampa  
    Report: Idaho's nurses are fleeing to better-paying states  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/6/17) - Lewiston  
    Cassia Regional Hospital head to retire in July  
        Times News (6/6/17) - Twin Falls  
    Crowd gathers in Idaho Falls to oppose Medicaid cuts  
        Post Register (6/5/17) - Idaho Falls  
    EYE ON BOISE: Barron chosen to lead Idaho health  
        Spokesman Review (6/4/17) - Spokane  
    Otter names new director to Idaho's largest agency  
        Lewiston Tribune (6/1/17) - Lewiston  
    Medicare Supplement rule amended  
        Challis Messenger (6/1/17) - Challis  
    Senators' demands key to GOP health care  
        Spokesman Review (5/30/17) - Spokane  
    Mentally ill Nampa woman stuck in cycle of jail, therapy  
        Idaho Statesman (5/28/17) - Boise  
    Hospital's new owner sets ambitious agenda  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/28/17) - Lewiston  
    Idaho advocates brace for impact from federal cuts  
        Idaho Statesman (5/25/17) - Boise  
    Report: GOP health care bill leaves millions uninsured  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/25/17) - Lewiston  
    Trump's budget proposes deep domestic cuts  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/23/17) - Lewiston  
    Acting Gov. Little signs order OK's review of state licensing requirements  
        Argus Observer (5/21/17) - Ontario  
    Students call for bigger discussion on suicide  
        Idaho Press Tribune (5/21/17) - Nampa  
    Addiction: Popular path to suicide  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (5-21-17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Foundation honors Nurse for Excellence  
        Idaho Mountain Express (5/19/17) - Ketchum  
    Hospitals breaks ground on Arco surgical suite  
        Challis Messenger (5/18/17) - Challis  
    Groundbreaking held for Idaho's first medical school  
        Idaho State Journal (5/18/17) - Pocatello  
    CANCER: Many doctors don't talk costs  
        Times News (5/18/17) - Twin Falls  
    Guest Opinion: What the American Health Care Act could mean for Idaho  
        Idaho Business Review (5/18/17) - Boise  
    Dozens of countries struck by cyberattack  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/13/17) - Lewiston  
    CMS sets 2022 deadline for states  
        Spokesman Review (5/13/17) - Spokane  
    AHA Cyber Alert: Ramsomware attack affects dozens of nations, including U.K. Health System  
        American Hospital Association (5/12/17)  
    Call your doctor if you experience...  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/10/17) - Lewiston  
    Premiums rise as insurers fret over law's future  
        Spokesman Review (5/10/17) - Spokane  
    Premature 1-lb. baby recovers from heart surgery  
        Times News (5/9/17) - Twin Falls  
    Guest Opinion: Is it time to close the Medicaid gap?  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (5/7/17) - Utah  
    Has anyone died due to lack of health care access? Insurance coverage is factor  
        Idaho Statesman (5/7/17) - Boise  
    Health Care dominated at Coeur d'Alene town hall  
        Spokesman Review (5/6/17) - Spokane  
    A look at what the health care bill would do  
        Spokesman Review (5/5/17) - Spokane  
    House Republicans pass Obamacare rollback  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/5/17) - Lewiston  
    House passes bill to revise Obamacare  
        Idaho Statesman (5/5/17) - Boise  
    Veterans Affairs considers closing 1,100 medical sites  
        Idaho Statesman (5/4/17) - Boise  
    Sale of St. Joseph Regional Medical Center finalized  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/2/17) - Lewiston  
    Revised GOP health bill could imperil coverage for pre-existing coverage  
        Lewiston Tribune (5/2/17) - Lewiston  
    Deaconess doctor becomes first in era to use absorbable stents  
        Spokesman Review (4/28/17) - Spokane  
    Remote but healthy: Could Arco provide a model for U.S.?  
        Idaho Statesman (4/27/17) - Boise  
    St. Luke's again among nation's 15 top health systems  
        Star-News (4/27/17) - McCall  
    A word with Dave Self about health care cost and quality  
        Idaho Business Review (4/24/17) - Boise  
    Doc, a mom, shines light on how to help combat opioid epidemic  
        Idaho Statesman (4/24/17) - Boise  
    Covering Idaho's uninsured: an April 26 City Club Forum, and Facebook Live Broadcast  
        Idaho Statesman (4/23/17) - Boise  
    Labrador's 'health care not a basic right' it's prime takeaway  
        Idaho Statesman (4/21/17) - Boise  
    New 3D mammogram machine gives fuller picture at Gooding hospital  
        Times News (4/21/17) - Twin Falls  
    New surgery center being built in Arco  
        Post Register (4/21/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Task force identifies four areas of high need in workforce development  
        Idaho Business Review (4/19/17) - Boise  
    Idaho is grappling with Opioid addiction - just like our neighbors  
        Idaho Statesman (4/17/17) - Boise  
    Health Care failed my son - and I'm a doctor  
        Idaho Statesman (4/17/17) - Boise  
    Repeal Obamacare or repair it? Idahoans are split  
        Idaho Politics Weekly (4/16/17) Salt Lake City  
    Firm owned by McKesson buys Saltzer Medical Group  
        Idaho Statesman (4/15/17) - Boise  
    Saint Alphonsus program tests market with hours-long medical house calls  
        Idaho Statesman (4/15/17) - Boise  
    Health agencies to conduct Ebola emergency drill  
        The Weekly Sun (4/12/17) - Hailey  
    Washington State University med to be first to use "scientific wellness"  
        Spokesman Review (4/12/17) - Spokane  
    Otter scotches on bill, ignores another  
        Lewiston Tribune (4/12/17) - Lewiston  
    Victims of PainKillers: Workers' comp programs fight addiction among injured American workers  
        Spokesman Review (4/11/17) - Spokane  
    Diabetes fatalities more common than thought  
        Spokesman Review (4/11/17) - Spokane  
    Proposed med school goes before accreditation board  
        Idaho Statesman (4/10/17) - Boise  
    Mother relates story of her son's addiction  
        Post Register (4/10/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Terry Reilly Health Services acquires former Penny Wise building in Caldwell  
        Idaho Business Review (4/5/17) - Boise  
    Rekindled health bill proposes new cuts  
        Idaho Statesman (4/5/17) - Boise  
    Providence acquires Walla Walla hospital  
        Spokesman Review (4/4/17) - Spokane  
    Late consensus on road bill caps highly uneven session  
        Idaho Statesman (3/30/17) - Boise  
    EDITORIAL: What's Idaho GOP's next Medicaid excuse?  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/29/17) - Lewiston  
    Trump's health care non-deal  
        Spokesman Review (3/26/17) - Spokane  
    Simpson, amid disarray: 'I don't see us coming back to the health care issue'  
        Idaho Statesman (3/25/17) - Boise  
    No repeal for 'Obamacare'  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/25/17) - Lewiston  
    Terry Reilly founded on mission of providing care to everyone, regardless of ability to pay  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/24/17) - Nampa  
    AG clears sale of St. Joseph hospital in Lewiston  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/21/17) - Lewiston  
    CMV law a win for local family  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (3/22/17) - Sandpoint  
    Wasden announces opinion on proposed sale of Lewiston nonprofit hospital  
        Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden (3/27/17)  
    GOP governors push alternative to Medicare plan  
        Idaho Statesman (3/19/17) - Boise  
    GOP health law could affect enrollment  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/18/17) - Lewiston  
    Fewer Idahoans would get less help from exchange with GOP health law  
        Idaho Statesman (3/18/17) - Boise  
    Idaho's winners and losers under GOP health care bill  
        Idaho Statesman (3/17/17) - Boise  
    Bingham Memorial Hospital announces new CEO  
        Bingham Memorial Hospital (3/17/17) - Blackfoot  
    GOP Medicare plan: The Hidden details  
        Spokesman Review (3/16/17) - Spokane  
    Faith-healing proposals introduced in Senate  
        Idaho Statesman (3/16/17) - Boise  
    University of Washington medical school again ranked first by U.S.News  
        Spokesman Review (3/15/17) - Spokane  
    Idaho agency to face scrutiny this summer  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/15/17) - Lewiston  
    Take the time to get it right  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (3/15/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Leaders push on with health care bill  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/15/17) - Lewiston  
    Republicans surface new plan to expand primary care, cut costs  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    First she was a pediatrician. Then she ran a hospital. Now she does both  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    Teens, kids a top priority for local hospitals in 2017  
        Idaho Statesman (3/15/17) - Boise  
    Volunteers' compassion helps grieving parents through infant death  
        Times News (3/12/17) - Twin Falls  
    New doctors will be allowed to work 24-hour shifts  
        Spokesman Review (3/11/17) - Spokane  
    Advocates urge legislators to act on Medicaid gap  
        Idaho Statesman (3/10/17) - Boise  
    Abortion foes hope repealing law now will let them ban later  
        Times News (3/9/17) - Twin Falls  
    Medicaid gap patch advances  
        Post Register (3/9/17) - Idaho Falls  
    New blood test may tell if and where you have cancer  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    What Republicans' health care plan may mean for you  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    Health industry players criticize GOP plan  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/17) - Boise  
    Bill would shed light on virus that can cause birth defects  
        Idaho Statesman (3/7/17) - Boise  
    Retiring Health and Welfare director led vital change at critical department  
        Idaho Statesman (3/6/17) - Boise  
    Wellness clinic to open in Shoshone  
        Idaho Mountain Express (3/3/17) - Ketchum  
    Cascade hospital CEO to leave, cites family reasons  
        The Star News (3/2/17) - McCall  
    Dumke Foundation makes $500,000 gift to St. Luke's McCall expansion  
        The Star News (3/2/17) - McCall  
    NICU facility coming to West Valley Medical Center  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/2/17) - Nampa  
    Hand, foot and mouth disease appears in area  
        Idaho Mountain Express (3/1/17) - Ketchum  
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