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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    Little 'optimistic' after meeting on health plan  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/16/18) - Lewiston  
    The health coverage gap remains  
        The Spokesman-Review (3/16/18) - Spokane  
    Medicaid dental bill awaits Otter's signature  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/13/18) - Lewiston  
    Northwest Nazarene University signs agreement with new Meridian medical school  
        Idaho Press Tribune (3/13/18) - Nampa  
    Bill to protect mentally ill in health worker attacks dies in House committee  
        Idaho Statesman (3/9/18) - Boise  
    Sexual assault kit payment bill passes Senate  
        Times-News (3/9/18) - Twin Falls  
    U.S. to Idaho: 'State-Based' health plans don't pass muster  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (3/9/18) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Free clinic sales tax exemption bill sent to Idaho governor's desk  
        Times-News (3/8/18) - Twin Falls  
    Intermountain Healthcare opens hospital without walls  
        Times-News (3/5/18) - Twin Falls  
    Idaho's Medicaid budget set to jump by 7 percent  
        Lewiston Tribune (3/1/18) - Lewiston  
    Otter helps pitch health care plan to feds  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/28/18) - Lewiston  
    Saint Alphonsus in early talks to donate location for 2C crisis center  
        Idaho Press Tribune (2/28/18) - Nampa  
    Idaho House Panel spikes health care alternative plan  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (2/27/18) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Idaho Health Care Plan dies  
        Post Register (2/27/18) - Idaho Falls  
    ISU Family Medicine Residency making residency in Rexburg  
        The Standard Journal (2/26/18) - Rexburg  
    Panel nixes bill to raise tobacco use age  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (2/24/18) - Sandpoint  
    Butch Otter gets his chance to convince feds to back non-ACA health insurance  
        Idaho Statesman (2/23/18) - Boise  
    Lawmaker's health insurance pitch mirrors Governor's effort to skirt Obamacare  
        Idaho Statesman (2/20/18) - Boise  
    Why Wait?  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (2/20/18) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Murray, Otter in war of words over Idaho's health insurance move  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (2/16/18) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Otter defends Idaho health insurance move, Little's role as questions swirl in Congress  
        Idaho Statesman (2/15/18) - Boise  
    Blue Cross submits Idaho plans that skirt Obamacare  
        Idaho Statesman (2/14/18) - Boise  
    Idaho House approves restoring dental benefits  
        The Spokesman Review (2/14/18) - Spokane  
    New Meridian hospital means more local beds devoted to mental health care  
        Idaho Statesman (2/13/18) - Boise  
    Madison Memorial teams up with University of Utah to improve patient care  
        The Standard Journal (2/10/18) - Rexburg  
    Catastrophic health care cases on rise admid changes  
        The Spokesman Review (2/9/18) - Spokane  
    Disability group discusses Idaho Health Care Plan  
        Post Register (2/8/18) - Idaho Falls  
    Dual-waiver health plan advances in Idaho House  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/8/18) - Lewiston  
    Otter's plan to tap tobacco money leads to partisan rift  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/7/18) - Lewiston  
    OPE report slams state nursing home survey team  
        Idaho Business Review (2/7/18) - Boise  
    Ducking Obamacare with health insurance move, Idaho gambles  
        Idaho Statesman (2/4/18) - Boise  
    Otter asks for funding to launch 3 behavioral health crisis centers  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/3/18) - Lewiston  
    Saint Alphonsus names new Nampa president  
        Idaho Press Tribune (2/3/18) - Nampa  
    Details emerge on proposed Idaho Medicaid budget  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/1/18) - Lewiston  
    McCall P & Z to hear St. Luke's McCall expansion plans  
        The Star-News (2/1/18) - McCall  
    You might need a job to be on Idaho Medicaid if -- you're among these 700  
        Idaho Statesman (1/30/18) - Boise  
    ID leaders tout health care move  
        Bonner County Daily Bee (1/30/18) - Sandpoint  
    Woeful workplace culture found at state agency overseeing nursing homes  
        Idaho Statesman (1/30/18) - Boise  
    What benefits will no longer be considered essential for my patients?  
        Idaho Statesman (1/30/18) - Boise  
    Vaccine exemption bill to get public hearing  
        Idaho Press-Tribune (1/27/18) - Nampa  
    Blue Cross adds value-based care partners  
        Idaho Business Review (1/26/18) - Boise  
    Idaho's flu season might be the deadliest in 12 years. The vaccine might be weak, too  
        Idaho Statesman (1/26/18) - Boise  
    Sweeping health care reform proposals get committee hearing  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/25/18) - Nampa  
    State asks insurers to outline coverage plans that don't follow Obamacare's rules  
        Idaho Statesman (1/25/18) - Boise  
    Felony charges put health care battery law under microscope  
        Idaho Statesman (1/21/18) - Boise  
    Idaho's plan to fix health coverage gap clears first legislative hurdle  
        The Spokesman-Review (1/17/18) - Spokane  
    Have questions about Idaho's proposed health care plan? So does the state's budget committee  
        Idaho Stateman (1/16/18) - Boise  
    CHIP looks to be more costly, any way it's sliced  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/16/18) - Lewiston  
    Idaho Health Care Plan introduced, gets three GOP 'no' votes  
        Idaho Statesman (1/16/18) - Boise  
    Measures aim to bridge Medicaid gap  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/16/18) - Lewiston  
    Overdose deaths on the rise  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/15/18) - Lewiston  
    Idaho lawmakers mull ambitious plan to address state's severe doctor shortage  
        The Spokesman-Review (1/11/18) - Spokane  
    St. Luke's Nampa considering new cancer treatment center  
        Idaho Press-Tribune (1/11/18) - Nampa  
    Officials announce location of Chubbuck's new medical campus  
        Idaho State Journal (1/9/18) - Pocatello  
    Baby Friendly  
        Idaho State Journal (1/9/18) - Pocatello  
    CHIP, families in limbo as Congress stays deadlocked  
        The Spokesman Review (12/24/17) - Spokane  
    Cancer diagnosis inspires doctor to bring medical campus to Chubbuck  
        Idaho State Journal (12/16/17) - Pocatello  
    New Idaho health proposal would benefit 35,000 adults  
        Idaho State Journal (12/16/17) - Pocatello  
    Idaho health reform input sought in Coeur d'Alene  
        The Spokesman-Review (12/10/17) - Spokane  
    New crisis center provides third option to ER or jail  
        Idaho Statesman (12/9/17) - Boise  
    Doctors combine efforts for one-stop health care facility  
        Post Register (12/8/17) - Idaho Falls  
    $2.5 million gift from PMC to ISU could help solve doctor shortage problem  
        Idaho State Journal (12/8/17) - Pocatello  
    Saint Al's neighborhood hospital awaits accreditation  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/7/17) - Nampa  
    Guest Opinion: Possible solution to Idaho's health care coverage gap  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/6/17) - Nampa  
    Sollis named new EIRMC CEO  
        Post Register (12/6/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho's tobacco-use age could rise  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/6/17) - Lewiston  
    Idaho board mulling funding boost for medical residencies  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/6/17) - Lewiston  
    Residency Reality: Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center has new residency program  
        Post Register (12/1/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho Health Exchange 'super pleased' with insurance sign-ups  
        Idaho Statesman (12/1/17) - Boise  
    New community clinic opens doors in Idaho Falls  
        Post Register (10/1/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Trump health pick parries questions on drug cost, health law  
        The Spokesman-Review (11/30/17) - Spokane  
    Idaho medical school to open next year  
        The Spokesman-Review (11/27/17) - Spokane  
    St. Joseph Regional Medical Center provides more ways to help when your brain hurts  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/26/17) - Lewiston  
    Fire Departement says Safe Haven fire not intentionally set  
        Idaho State Journal (11/23/17) - Pocatello  
    Ada County whooping cought cases up in 2017  
        Idaho Statesman (11/22/17) - Boise  
    Governor candidate says he'd cut Idaho's opioid deaths in half  
        Idaho Statesman (11/21/17) - Boise  
    Crisis center plan developing for Canyon County  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/19/17) - Nampa  
    Safe Haven Gutted: Staff and firefighters successfully evacutate 49 patients  
        Idaho State Journal (11/19/17) - Pocatello  
    Groups working to protect and expand Medicaid, health care coverage  
        Idaho State Journal (11/19/17) - Pocatello  
    Karl Keeler to step down as Saint Al's president  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/16/17) - Nampa  
    Group reviews health care landscape  
        Post Register 11/16/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Exchange officials say enrollment looks good  
        Post Register (11/11/17) - Idaho Falls  
    St. Luke's Nampa hospital waiting for accreditation survey  
        Idaho Press Tribune (11/11/17) - Nampa  
    Legal doubts raised about Medicaid expansion initiateive  
        Idaho Statesman (11/11/17) - Boise  
    Making moves at St. Joe's  
        Lewiston Tribune (11/6/17) - Lewiston  
    Guest Opinion: Idaho health care proposal, part 4 - Who's left out  
        Post Register (11/1/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Idaho moves forward with health insurance enrollments  
        Lewiston Tribune (10/31/17) - Lewiston  
    Idaho health care proposal, part 3 - The downside  
        Post Register (10/31/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Preservation of Obamacare may be only temporary relief for rural hospitals  
        Idaho Business Review (10/31/7) - Boise  
    Veyo drops its $70M Idaho contract to drive Medicaid clients to their appointments  
        Idaho Statesman (10/31/17) - Boise  
    Guest Opinion: Idaho health care proposal, part 2 - The use of waivers  
        Post Register (10/30/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Guest Opinion: Idaho health care proposal: An Intro  
        Post Register (10/28/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Trump declares a national opioid health emergency  
        Idaho Statesman (10/27/17) - Boise  
    Advocates file Idaho Medicaid expansion ballet initiative  
        Moscow-Pullman Daily News (10/23/17) - Moscow  
    This new hospital is built to keep preemie babies with their moms  
        Idaho Statesman (10/21/17) - Boise  
    Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center's longtime CEO announces retirement  
        Post Register (10/20/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Trump hedges on Senate deal on health subsidies  
        Idaho Statesman (10/19/17) - Boise  
    Many minds over cancer  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (10/18/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    Mayor Bieter to cut ribbon at new addiction recovery facility in Boise  
        Boise Weekly (10/18/17) - Boise  
    Senators reach deal on health care plan  
        Idaho Statesman (10/18/17) - Boise  
    State's 1st med school emerging in Meridian  
        Idaho Statesman (10/16/17) - Boise  
    Trumps 'Obamacare' cut jolts consumers, politics  
        The Spokesman-Review (10/14/17) - Spokane  
    How Trump's moves affect health care  
        Idaho Statesman (10/14/17) - Boise  
    Closer to Care: St. Luke's prepares to open new Nampa hospital  
        Idaho Press Tribune (10/13/17) - Nampa  
    Reaction split on insurance order  
        The Spokesman-Review (10/13/17) - Spokane  
    How Trump health order affects Idaho  
        Idaho Statesman (10/13/17) - Boise  
    Eastern Idaho faces doctor shortage  
        Post Register (10/12/17) - Idaho Falls  
    St. Luke's charts expansion in McCall  
        Idaho Business Review (10/12/17) - Boise  
    Your Health Idaho prepares for new enrollment period: 'Business as Usual'  
        Boise Weekly (10/11/17) - Boise  
    Guest Opinion: A Republican Perspective: How I plan to keep Idahoans healthy  
        Times-News (10/8/17) - Twin Falls  
    Guest Opinion: Little: An Idaho health care solution for Idahoans  
        Times-News (10/8/17) - Twin Falls  
    Syringa Hospital, Kootenai Health announce management services agreement  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (10/4/17) - Coeur d'Alene  
    $35,000 Idaho kids poised to lose care  
        Idaho Statesman (10/3/17) - Boise  
    Lab gives students insight into health  
        The Spokesman-Review (10/2/17) - Spokane  
    Higher subsidies soften insurance rate hikes  
        Post Register (10/2/17) - Idaho Falls  
    Price's exit upsets GOP health care push  
        The Spokesman-Review (10/1/17) - Spokane  
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