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Idaho Health Care News Headlines
    Two St. Luke's Idaho Hospitals Returned to Taxing Districts  
        Idaho Statesman (2/10/16) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Starts New Emergency Medicine Residency Program  
        Idaho Mountain Express (2/10/16) - Ketchum  
    Syringa is Blooming Again  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/8/16) - Lewiston  
    Tax Cuts Chosen Over Bigger Policy Measures  
        Idaho Statesman (2/7/16) - Boise  
    Idaho's Delay's Erode Medicaid Savings Potential  
        Idaho Statesman (2/5/16) - Boise  
    Otter Plan Covers Poorest Until Problems Arise  
        Idaho Statesman (2/5/16) - Boise  
    Report: Idaho Health Exchange is Effective, Thrifty  
        Idaho Business Review (2/3/16) - Boise  
    Krell Accuses Legislature of Allowing 1,000 to Die  
        Post Register (2/3/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Failure to Expand Medicaid Has Resulted in Nearly 1,000 Deaths of Idahoans, Doctor Says  
        Spokesman Review (2/3/16) - Spokane  
    Panel Takes a Pass on Medicaid Expansion  
        Lewiston Tribune (2/3/16) - Lewiston  
    Lawmakers Consider 3rd Crisis Center in Southern Idaho  
        Times News (2/1/16) - Twin Falls  
    Medicaid Expansion to Get Hearing in Senate Committee  
        Times News (1/29/16) - Twin Falls  
    Nurse Won't Face Charges in St. Luke's Baby Death  
        Times News (1/30/16) - Twin Falls  
    St. Luke's Sued Over Patient Death  
        Idaho Mountain Express (1/29/16) - Ketchum  
    CAT Fund Savings Bill Draws Unanimous Senate Support  
        Spokesman Review (1/28/16) - Spokane  
    Idaho Sets Medicaid Expansion Hearing  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/28/16) - Lewiston  
    Committee Barely OKs Recovery Center Proposal  
        Lewiston Tribun (1/27/16) - Lewiston  
    Funding Still Uncertain, but PCAP Bill Expected Next Week  
        Times News (1/27/16) - Twin Falls  
    Dr. Epperly Talks Medicaid Reform  
        KTVB Channel 7 (1/24/16) - KTVB Channel 7  
    Cancer is New Leading Cause of Death in Idaho  
        Idaho State Journal (1/24/16) - Pocatello  
    Medicaid Expansion Proposed  
        Spokesman Review (1/23/16) - Spokane  
    Child Deaths Bring Urgency to Debate Over Faith Healing  
        Idaho Statesman (1/22/16) - Boise  
    Obamacare Drives Down Costs for Catastrophic Care  
        Times News (1/22/16) - Twin Falls  
    Otter Budget Plan Gets Darts from Both Sides  
        Times News (1/22/16) - Twin Falls  
    PCAP Great Start to Helping Uninsured  
        Idaho Statesman (1/22/16) - Boise  
    Gov.Otter Proposes Increase in Funding for Orofino Hospital  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/21/16) - Lewiston  
    Otter's 'Medicaid Gap" Proposal Heads to Tax Committee  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/21/16) - Nampa  
    Health Officials Seek 2 Percent Bump in State Medicaid Spending  
        Times News (1/20/16) - Twin Falls  
    Primary Care Program Hits Budget Committee  
        Post Register (1/19/16) - Idaho Falls  
    Report Examines Medicaid Mental Health Manager  
        Lewiston Tribune (1/19/16) - Lewiston  
    Christmas in January: Some GOP Sour on Otter's $220 Million Spending Binge  
        Idaho Reporter.com (1/19/16) - Idaho Reporter.com  
    Senate Committee Chair: Medicaid Cuts for Supported Living Services Will Be Postponed  
        Coeur d'Alene Press (1/18/16) - Coeur d"Alene  
    CAT Fund Costs Fall; Will Trend Continue?  
        Idaho Statesman (1/18/16) - Boise  
    Rexburg Lawmaker Favors Expanding Multi-State Med School Program  
        Idaho State Journal (Jan. 14) - Pocatello  
    Idaho Sees Health Care Savings  
        Idaho Statesman (Jan. 16) - Boise  
    A True "Idaho Solution" Needed  
        Idaho Statesman (1/17/16) - Boise  
    Magic Valley Needs a Crisis Center  
        Times News (1/17/16) - Twin Falls  
    United Way Study Finds Many Northwest Households Struggling  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/17/16) - Nampa  
    Proposal to Fill Medicaid Gap Just a Start  
        Moscow Pullman Daily News (1/16/16) - Moscow/Pullm  
    Idaho Sees Health Care Savings  
        Spokesman Review (1/16/16) - Spokane  
    CEO Kraml Resigns from Bingham Memorial; Departure Followed Filing of Lawsuit Against Hospital Board  
        Idaho State Journal (1/15/16) - Pocatello  
    Next State-Funded Crisis Center  
        Times News (1/13/16) - Twin Falls  
    Hospital Project to Double Infusion Capacity  
        Idaho Mountain Express (1/13/16) - Ketchum  
    Otter Praised for Plan to Hike Education Funding  
        Idaho State Journal (1/12/16) - Pocatello  
    Governor's Health Care Plan  
        KBOI Channel 2 News (1/08/16) - Boise  
    Doctor Shortage Could Stop Otter's Medical Coverage Plan  
        Times News (1/9/16) - Twin Falls  
    Health Care Enrollment Slows  
        Idaho Press Tribune (1/8/16) - Nampa  
    Otter Offers Health Care Plan  
        Spokesman Review (1/8/16) - Spokane  
    Angels of Mercy on Days of Doubt  
        Idaho Statesman (12/31/15) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Fruitland Sees Influx of Mentally Ill  
        Argus Observer (12/31/15) - Ontario  
    Providers, Patients Sue State Over Medicaid Cuts  
        Post Register (12/30/15) - Idaho Falls  
    Meridian Business Says Cuts Will Hurt Disabled Services  
        Idaho Statesman (12/24/15) - Boise  
    Medicaid Reimbursement Cuts Delayed  
        Idaho Statesman (12/23/15) - Boise  
    State Cuts Medicaid Reimbursement on In-Home Care  
        Post Register (12/22/15) - Idaho Falls  
    Urge Lawmakers to Pass Healthy Idaho Plan  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/18/15) - Nampa  
    Medicaid Expansion No Joke  
        Post Register (12/16/15) - Idaho Falls  
    Self-Reliant, or Just Plain Stubborn?  
        Post Register (12/13/15) - Idaho Falls  
    Medicaid Expansion Alternative Underwhelming  
        Idaho Press Tribune (12/13/15) - Nampa  
    More Insurance Plans Curbing Patient Choices  
        Idaho Statesman (12/11/15) - Boise  
    REAL ID, Medicaid Among the Big Issues in 2016 State Lawmakers Say  
        Times News (12/8/15) - Twin Falls  
    Officials: Your Health Idaho on Path to Sustainability  
        Times News (12/6/15) - Twin Falls  
    State Plan Takes Aim at Idaho's Big Coverage Gap  
        Idaho Statesman (12/05/15) - Boise  
    Affordable Care Act and Idaho Rural Healthcare  
        Idaho Business Review (12/4/15) - Boise  
    St. Luke's Nurse Obtains Menopause Treatment Certification  
        Idaho Mountain Express (12/04/15) - Ketchum  
    Moscow Man Dies While Being Detained at Hospital  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/3/15) - Lewiston  
    Legislators Focus on Income Levels, Health Care  
        Lewiston Tribune (12/3/15) - Lewiston  
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